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Giveaway alert!!!

Rio was one of the first movies Hippo ever sat through. Between the colors, the music and the fact that it had to do with flying, Jax was mystified. And no it’s not because I use to chase him around the house singing Rio by Duran Duran like some crazed cabin fevered 80′s reject OR some incredibly cool hip mom who knows an 80′s classic when he hears one! No, Rio is just a really good movie. We are a pretty music loving family, but even if you don’t incorporate musical lyrics in everyday conversation, you will still love the movie.

Recently they released Rio2 which Hippo immediately saw with his dad. He came home dancing and singing and having a great time, declaring it was one of his favorite movies next to Frozen & Despicable Me. So with the big hype about the release of Rio2IMG_0398 on DVD & Blu-Ray, we have thrown ourselves in to full party mode. My Crazy Creole Mommy contributor, The Crazy Creole Polynesian Mommy (yes, she is creole and polynesian. and yes, that is very cool),  took her kids and our friend’s daughter who is perfectly named, Rio, to the Rio Family Jam at the LA Zoo on July 12th. The kids had such a great time at the zoo during the cool evening hours with live Samba music, yummy food trucks and special animal guests. It was a mini Carnival going down in Griffith Park, even though, according to them, no hippos were dancing the Samba. And Jax wasn’t able to go to represent the Hippos of Los Angeles. LOL! I am also in love with this new Rio 2 LunchBox that you can get ONLY at Best Buy when you purchase the combo pack! It’s a classic metal lunchbox with an embossed raised front. Love it! You know I’m a sucker for anything that looks a bit vintage!

So in honor of Hippo’s favorite pick and considering it is our choice for tonight’s family movie night, I am giving away a copy of Rio2 on Blu-Ray & DVD. Enter to Win! Contest will run until Jax starts his first day of Kindergarten, August 12th. What? That’s when the fun is over and real life begins! It’s fitting! Enter TODAY!



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Hi, 31!

Kindergarten Brookie

I’ve got  about 63 more minutes before I can close the book on the first 30 years of my life and begin the journey with the next 30. That’s right folks, tomorrow is my birthday! I will be 31 years old. Or as Jax has said, a WHOLE LOTTA NUMBERS! Jax told me that even though I am a whole lotta numbers and I don’t always wear make up, I can still find myself a husband. And that “sometimes there are a lotta days where you’re pretty.” In fact, he said that all is not lost. That I could even find a republican that would take me, as long as I keep cooking good food and stay pretty. A republican that won’t tell the demacrabs on me! Yes, you can always depend on kids to put things into perspective. LOL!

So the first thirty, packed and put away. Not too bad if I do say so. I’ve done a pretty good job stay alive, raising a kid and being a good, compassionate citizen. What do I want out of the next thirty? Lots of stuff! I’m hoping to get healthier and stronger. Have a few arguments with willful teenagers who look a lot like me or act a lot like me. Maybe travel the world with a handsome devil that makes my insides turn to goo. Keep writing and sharing stories, tips and love with you good people. See the conclusion to terrible diseases such as IBD, AIDS, Cancer & Lupus. And get a ridiculous bill of tuition from a fantastic university where one or all of children are reading, writing, pledging and finding themselves at. And perhaps the sweet cry of a grandchild. Yes, a grandchild, you see in thirty years Hippo will be 34. A grandchild is quite possible in 30 years.

But for now, I’m focusing on kindergarten, remicade treatments, branding, fighting for IBD patients rights and finding love. And maybe going a little blonder with the hair color and scratching one off the bucket list this year. Or maybe that nose ring I’ve been wanting since I was 16. Or maybe I’ll just keep rocking the fake one because I’m afraid of needles. LOL! I don’t know, we’ll see how it goes! Happy Birthday to me!

Oh, and happy anniversary to my parentals! Yea, I’m thankful you guys fell in love and made me. It’s been pretty awesome, you know the whole having a life thing. Thanks dudes, you guys are pretty awesome for that! Good looking out! xo

Kindergarten Brookie

Kindergarten Brookie


Flare Up Food Favorite

salt-less, oil-less, skinless steamed or baked chicken. Saltless, butter-less mashed potatoes or white rice. And unseasoned, butter-less cooked carrots. no flavor. no creativity. no nothing! This is the flare up diet. The most taste you get is from the gatorade or cucumber infused water you are allowed to drink. And then there are the days you get so sick that you can’t even get the chicken actually down. It’s just too hard to break down. Let’s be real, some days it hurts just to drink water and gatorade.

I usually went the baby food & smoothie route. It was easier to eat. Easier to get added supplements and vitamins in. And you only have to eat a little bit at a time. Plus, for me, as a mom with a little one, it made it fun for me and Hippo. We would share bowls of little puffs or yogis and watch movies. Or we made smoothies or popsicles made out of purées to share while outside on the balcony or by the pool. It was easy and healthy. I’d make one for him and then I’d make mine with the added chia or flaxseeds, powdered vitamins and wheatgrass or E3Live. Now I know they say that you shouldn’t mix the E3 live or wheatgrass, but that stuff is usually too strong for me to take by itself, so I have to mix it.

This was how I was originally introduced to Happy Family Brands. They were one of very few baby food brands at the time that was organic AND tasty. Their line was limited then, but it worked so well to mix into a coconut milk based smoothie with some added protein. Or just something I could eat in the car or when we went out with the baby. I would just pack one for him and one for me, and it was the perfect amount for me to eat while I was in a flare up. Then I start mixing purées together. For instance, purée roasted cauliflower, inside of zucchini and a pouch of winter squash (HappyFamily) into mashed potatoes. Not that you have to trick yourself, like you would a toddler, but sometimes it’s easier to just eat everything together. So, basically my tricky tips for the baby, I use on myself for convenience, health and time saving.

I am starting a whole new series of tricky eats for picky toddlers and IBD family friendly recipes series of demos, samplings and information using Happy Family for moms clubs like Club MomMe and various nutritionists around Los Angeles. If you are in Los Angeles, I would encourage you to come to one the events!! Everyday after I will post a few of the recipes I will demo, here on the site. But for giveaways, nutritional packets and exclusives you should definitely attend.

If you’re in LA this Monday, come by!

Pleasing Picky Eaters


First Bites July 2014


Day 19 and counting…

It’s officially the 19th day of Hippo leaving and I am…well… I don’t know what to do. I’m confused by life. I mean, I’m getting work done and everything. But that’s just it…I’m getting everything done. I don’t have anyone yelling my name every five seconds. I eat my food when it’s hot. I don’t have an extra plate to make. I’ve actually slept passed 7am. Actually a few mornings, I’ve woken up at 10am. Yes, literally, 10 am! But I do find I’m a bit…moppy. Me and the dog, kind of look a little pathetic. It’s just too dag on quiet in the house now.

It’s absolutely crazy how when your children are with you, you absolutely need a break. But then when you get the break, you’re miserable?! I mean, I’m not under a rock, depressed, but I kinda don’t know what to do with myself! LOL! It’s like Ricky Bobby in that interview…he didn’t know what to do with his hands, HAHAHA!! I’m having a Ricky Bobby moment…I just don’t know what to do with my hands. My life is usually so compact and rushed with a million things to do and now, it feels a little empty. Parenthood is quite confusing! Seriously! I love having this time to rest, rejuvenate and re-organize but I miss my Hippo. I miss his little voice, his energy and everything that comes with being a mom. Yes, it can be exhausting but unless you’re a parent, you can’t even begin to understand how rewarding and fun it is and can be. On top of the fact that now I have no single childless friends left! LOL! So, people are as busy as I usually am and don’t have time to hang out with the single childless woman. I’m allllll alone! HAHAHA!

Day 19. Only 28 more days left until I can kiss my little hippo. Who actually isn’t so little anymore apparently. Not only has he had a growth spurt, but he’s also gained 7 lbs in 19 days! I mean after he got excited about his trip to the store with his grandma to get snacks, I pretty much expect him to come back weighing over 50lbs in true Hippo fashion.

Le Sigh. I guess I should cue up the Patti LaBelle song… Ooooon my own, once again, I. Ooooone more time…BY MYSEEEELLLFFFF!!!


Happy Birthday ‘Merica!

Today is one of my favorite holidays! Not just because I’m a American politics and history junkie. Not just because I’m a Patriot. And not just because I absolutely love fireworks. I love this holiday for most of the reasons I love other holidays, it’s an excellent excuse for people to get together with loved ones and eat their faces off! But I also know for people with IBD, Ostomies and other autoimmune diseases/challenges, it’s a tough one. It’s usually very hot where ever you are in the country (unless it’s Seattle or San Francisco) and the food isn’t so IBD friendly.

Well here are a few solutions.

1. Contribute an IBD safe fruit, like watermelon

2. Add some cucumber and lemon or fruit to your water for flavorful drink

3. Grill salmon or veggies instead of ribs. OR eat the inside of grilled/barbecue chicken if you can’t really eat the skin

4. Stay in the pool or indoors to keep cool

5. Wear loose fitting, flowy-type of clothes

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday. This is my first fourth of July without Hippo (he’s with his dad), so my party animal level is down this year. He LOVES the fourth of July, and every year has been so much fun since he’s been born because he enjoys it so. Not sure what adults do for this holiday anymore! LOL! I guess I’ll find out!



Mommy & IBD belly friendly fashion suggestions for the 4th!

Mommy & IBD belly friendly fashion suggestions for the 4th!