A New Adventure Awaits




Your girl just turned in her finals and it is the eve before graduation. I can believe it’s really here. The first leg on a long flight! But I already feel so accomplished. I start at this school in September 2001 and here I am 2021 graduating planning to go all the law school

I remember vividly coming to the conclusion that I needed to drop out. I was exhausted all the time. I had brain fog and frequent trips to the bathroom. And I was failing out of school. I could barely handle more than 2 or 3 classes and I couldn’t hang like a normal college kid. I felt so defeated and embarrassed. I couldn’t believe that I was college material. What was happening to me?

And now…here I am.

I cannot find the proper words tonight, it’s just all too surreal. I never thought that I would ever get the chance to say, “I graduated from…” But nevertheless, mama persisted and now a new adventure awaits.