Ending The Year With Lasting Memories

Monday, I posted about taking Hippo, my niece and my younger sister (younger by 2 years, which she hates me reminding people about) to Disney On Ice Frozen. And I talked about how it’s a great event to go to because it’s magical and it’s cheaper than taking them to an amusement park and the kids will absolutely lose their marbles over Frozen on Ice. Well…we went and you know what? I WAS RIGHT! LOL!


No seriously, I thought Hippo & Nadia’s heads were going to explode from absolute excitement and joy. And not only that, but my sister was right there with them. See it was my sister’s first time seeing any type of show on Ice. So, this was a Disney First for all three of them! And it was absolute heaven…on Ice! The great thing about the show in Long Beach is it is in the middle of their downtown area, near the Shoreline and the Aquarium. There are a ton of restaurants and shops and things to do. So we made an evening of it! We took the kids to Yard House across the street for dinner and then walked over to the Arena to see the show. On a side note, I wouldn’t recommend that Yard House location to take the kids. We went there because my sister works for the company at the L.A. Live location, and has told me about how they have a great selection of food, it’s easy to bring the kids and it’s affordable. She also raves about the service and how great it is. I’m a big fan of great service and good food, especially when you are with children. So, we went to Yard House Long Beach. Unfortunately, the service is horrible! We literally waited with two young children for 15 minutes in a moderately busy restaurant for someone just to approach the table. Then we ask for a manager, and it took another 5 minutes before she came over to great us. The kids were asking for water and food. The servers were not very friendly and they didn’t even bring the kids’ desserts or ask if we wanted any. Because of the Frozen event, most of the patrons were mini Elsa’s & Anna’s, but the restaurant wasn’t busy…at all! Needless to say, I don’t recommend them at all. There is a Tokyo Wako, Bubba Gump and other restaurants across the street you can choose from. However, I would choose a restaurant in that area because you are able to park in that parking lot. And for us, after being at the restaurant for an hour and a half, and then the show, we only paid $10. The parking at the Arena and surrounding was much more expensive. Just remember to validate your parking.


IMG_1530Once we got in, the experience began. The event is presented by Stonyfield, so there are yummy healthy sponsored themed snack items, in addition to the arena’s concession stands that have adult food and beverages. Yes…that’s right, adult beverages! A little wine during Let It Go isn’t gonna hurt nobody! LOL! All of the stands like, facepainting, pictures, etc. all take credit or cash now. Yep, they don’t want any excuses as to why you can’t spend your cash. But, you gotta at least do one thing just for the experience. The kids got Frozen themed toys and all three got their face painted! It was veryIMG_1517 very cute! We brought our own snacks. I recommend small bottles of water and prepackaged popcorn like, Skinny Pop. If you or your kids are unable to eat popcorn, like myself, try prepackaged Pirates Booty, Annie’s Cheesy Bunnies, Go Go SqueeZ and/or Happy Family/Stonyfield Yogurt Squeeze. You can also get the individual milk or soy milk cartons that don’t have to be refrigerated.

Personally, I loved the show. I thought the performers were fantastic! The effects were awesome and the kids were on the edges of their seats the entire time. We sat mid range, almost center stage (slightly to the left of center stage) and we were able to see everything perfectly. The whole stage was in view and we could still make out the characters. They made some adjustments and additions to the original story, slightly modified to fit a live version. But the kids were able to follow along great. There were three moments of absolute toddler/kid mania that made me laugh so hard I teared up. The first, was when the music for Let It Go started.┬áRemember that episode of SNL (I can’t remember which show exactly) when they did a skit about an episode of Oprah’s Favorite things and the woman’s head explodes? Pretty much the same feeling at this event. I’ve never heard a roar of “Let It Goooooooo” like that in my life. Then when Olaf made his appearance, the crowd went wild. Kids were on their feet, reaching for Olaf like their lives depended on it! LOL!


If you can, grab your tickets for the show. Honestly, that was the best way to start of the new year with absolute joy and laughter! I saw magic Tuesday night illuminating off of three people. That is what is going to carry me through 2016!


Happy New Year!