The Countdown Begins…

…T-Minus 20 minutes until I turn 30.

Seriously? This is really happening? Like I’m no longer going to be in the my twenties? I’m crossing into a whole ‘nother decade! I use to be 20 years away from 40…now I’m 10 years away. I’m someone’s mom. I’m a mom who’s gonna be 30. Yes, I might be having a slight little freak out right now. Not that I don’t want to turn 30 or I’m scared to turn thirty, that’s not what this is. What this is, is a huge cloud of confusion! Pure confusion! I’m confused as to how I got to 30. I mean I was born and then what? 30 years later I turn 30? I haven’t found a gray hair yet, so there’s something!

Wow! 30! Really? Seriously? Okay. Well then…bring…it…oooon!!