The Old Young Woman

4967709366_462c02ccbdI think that when they took my colon and said I would be symptom free, I thought that meant ALL the symptoms. And for a time I was completely free of all the symptoms I had ever had while having colitis. Oh but then, The Arthritis, came knocking on my door again. Say what?! I thought the symptoms weren’t coming back! So I immediately thought I had pouchitis. Nope. No, pouchitis. Just good old fashion, knot having, joint stiffening, limp creating, arthritis. The upside is, it isn’t everywhere like it use to be…at least not all at once. But it’s definitely still affecting my hip and knees.

So basically there are moments when I’m walking around like an 80 year old mama. I’m squeaking and popping! LOL! No seriously! The popping noise coming from my joints is scary. My mom swears I’m breaking my knee caps off and my son yells at the loud disruption my joints make at the pivotal part in a movie we are watching. I’m back on my calcium regimen, eating my little chocolate flavored calcium chews and drinking my milk. The weather has not helped one bit, nor the stress I am under.

This little hitch in my giddy up is cramping my style! I had to miss my morning as classroom mom because I could barely walk down the hall to the bathroom…nevermind keeping up with a bunch of preschoolers. I missed a whole day of cutting, coloring, gluing and glitter all because of my squeaky, creaky joints. This arthritis thing is for the birds, dude, I swear! This whole Crohn’s & Colitis thing is more than just the occasional tummy ache and running back & forth to the bathroom. Even when it’s gone, it stays with you. Fun, fun, fun for everyone! Who the heck turns 30 with bad hip and creaky knees? It doesn’t not help when I want to Beyonce it out with my 5 inch heels. In fact, now I have to start looking into more orthopedic granny shoes for those days when I need the extra help and support just to walk down the street.

Most women have to wait until their 40 to spend the night with hot backs, Salonpas & Tiger Balm. But I’m starting the party early…and I might be guarantying single hood with all my delicious bed time smells!! LOL! I mean who doesn’t love the smell of BenGay at night time…SEEEEEXY!!!