A Very Very Wokstar Ha-lean!

*Title Translation* A Very Very Rockstar Halloween! LOL! Jax hasn’t gotten to the point of being able to enunciate his R’s, L’s & W’s, so in describing his recent Halloween experience it goes a little something like this: “I was a wokstar fo Ha-lean! And I was twick a tweating and getting some candies at nighttime!”

I think this Halloween was the beginning of the real Halloween experience. Kind of how this birthday was the beginning of the real birthday experience and this Christmas will probably be the beginning of the real Christmas experience. Basically the beginning of the end of your freedom. It’s the beginning of ideas, freedoms, questions, schedules, needs and wants each holiday that will have nothing to do with you but with everything they want to have and do! Basically, my opinion no longer matters! Jaxon made his decision this year to be a rockstar! Yes a rockstar. Now what does my three year old know about being a rockstar? Very little except that they play music, have crazy hair and make faces while they play their instruments! He has met rockstars of today…but my son loves the rockstar of yester-year! The rockstar of my day with the tight jeans, leather jackets and glam hair. He needs the glasses and hair pieces. Oh yes, they wore the hair pieces… in fact along with the Joe Blasco stage make up, eyeliner and heavy jewelry, I know a few singers/musicians of the 80’s that still get their hair glued, sewn or bobby pinned in! That is the rockstar my son wanted to be! In fact when he came up with the idea, my then 2.5 year old made the statement, “I need a talk wit UmMa so she gonna do my hair for Wokstar Ha-Lean!” This might seem absurd to you that my toddler knew that he would need a wig and a wig in a bag was not the way to go. He knew the best place to go was to his two time daytime Emmy nominated grandmother for a hair consultation on his Halloween costume, and that seemed perfectly natural to me! But unlike my optimistic lad, I was afraid his UmMa would not be able to pencil in a wig consultation for him. Little did I know that her male grandchild would get an appointment faster than her female daughter. I guess it really does pay to be the grandbaby!

So there I was on Halloween, dead tired from every thing I had going on outside of this wonderful children’s holiday, sitting in a chair in mother’s salon waiting on her to finish styling my three year old’s wig! I suddenly felt like the personal assistant to some rockstar of the 1980’s waiting for his stylist to be done with his hair so that I could get in to him in time for his appearance that evening! It was a bit surreal to watch my mother work her magic on this wig she found in the bottom of a box, so that my son could play the roll of rockstar for a couple of hours. I mean he really didn’t have a clue. And when she was done and revealed the wig to him and he responded, “Wow, UmMa! You did a good job, young lady!” I realized just how much he didn’t understand that he had just gotten the complete star treatment without paying a dime or being an actual star! The rest of the costume was a breeze. I put on his skinny red pants, a leather motor cycle jacket a friend gave me, his Brobee shirt, Vans, aviator sunglasses and his toy guitar. I colored on a scruffy goatee for effect and we headed out the door. I have to say my son looked like a shorter version of some lost throw back glam rockstar from 1985. Add in on dangling cross earring and he would have been set! Now it was just figuring where to unleash all this glam rockstar talent?

Then I remembered a perfect place! A few weeks back we decided on a whim to go see the Space Shuttle crawl down Crenshaw Blvd. We got there in what we thought was just enough time because it was running late, but it would later turn out we were six hours early! LOL! Well while standing on the corner of Crenshaw & Stocker surrounded by a ton of people, The Ambassador of everywhere he goes, Jax made some friends. And while standing in one spot for such a long time you will become acquainted with folks. Well we met a family who didn’t live too far away from us. The patriarch of the family told us that along with another guy, he puts on a great Halloween house called, Boney Island, every year. He told us to bring Jax by on the day of his birthday. Well, everyone was too tired the day of Jaxon’s birthday to do anything other than sleep, so we ended up not going. I thought that night, what a perfect way to spend a Halloween before Trick-O-Treating. So we headed over to Boney Island in Studio City. When we got there we were floored! There was not one inch of this man’s front yard that was not moving, talking, singing or dancing! It was like a small Disneyland of skeletons, spiders and pumpkins! Complete with Skeletons flying through the air, a water show and talking bushes! We found our shuttle friends and they took us to see the skeleton fortune teller who blew Jax away by knowing his name, his mommy’s name and his birthday! The fortune teller also had everyone sing Happy Birthday to Jax who was in complete shock and amusement! We were able to climb the enchanted Treehouse with Jax’s buddy, Riley (who’s grandfather puts on the event) and the neighbors were kind enough to allow the kids to trick-o-treat in the neighborhood. I was floored! Absolutely FLOORED! Jaxon had an amazing time! It blew me away that not only were these people creative enough to do this, but gracious enough to open up their home and neighborhood to strangers so that kid’s could have a fun & safe environment to go to on Halloween. It usually opens a week before and closes on Halloween… I suggest you pay a visit next year! It’s like the Candy Cane Lane of Halloween, but…better! LOL! This will be our new tradition!

After our trip to Boney Island, we visited auntie Ally & Uncle Sean because it wouldn’t be Halloween if Jaxon couldn’t go over their to show his girl his costume! LOL! As we stepped off their porch and headed to the car to wrap up the evening he turned to me and said, “Mommy, dis da best Ha-lean forever ever, Amen!” Yes, son! I think it was! I think it was!!