Birthing Nerds

When I was younger if my mom got home early there was something I could depend on. Cuddling up to my mommy, snacking on Smoked Oysters, Cheese, Crackers & Apples, and getting our dose of World News Tonight w/ Peter Jennings & Nightline w/ Ted Koppel. I was probably the only kindergartner who knew the words “Iranian-Contra”, “Olympics” & “Space Shuttle Discovery”. Having conversations with my mates over carrot sticks & juice boxes about my grandma voting for Michael Dukakis and Michael Jackson’s new Bad album! By 8 I had decided that I would be marrying Axl Rose, Michael Jackson & Peter Jennings…in that order! I know, I know…but Peter Jennings was not only a good looking man but brilliant and it was because of him that I could enjoy quiet evening snacks with my mommy sometimes. Now that my three year old sits quietly for, Good Morning America, Nightline, Hardball with Chris Matthews & Anderson 360, I can only believe that my nerdish obsession is genetic! Over the last year my three year old has gotten caught up in the flurry of Romney vs. Obama! And seems to understand the most basic concept of the election more than most! It’s been interesting to say the least to watch him get excited over the conventions, debates and voting. Here is Jaxon’s understanding of the election.

Jaxon on voting:

” ‘xcuse me, I going to vote for Pwesident Obamama for Pwesident again! Der Mommy, I telling her I want Pwesident Obamama for Pwesident!”

Jaxon on President Obama:

“I wike Pwesident Obamama because he my fwiend and he listening a peoples and he telling dem to vote!”

Jaxon on Mitt Romney:

“Das Mitt Womney! He always on tv and talking to Pwesident Obamama. I wike him cause he telling peoples to vote. But is not his turn to be Pwesident. I wike Pwesident Obamama to be Pwesident again!”

Jaxon on Election Night:

“Everybody!! Pwesident Obamama is gonna be Pwesident again!”

Jaxon on Michelle Obama:

“She Pwesident Obamama girlfwiend and dey wuv each utter. And she saying we eating fwuits and vegg-ables and she has no sheeze-bugga in her garden only weaves and carrots! We listening a Michelle Obamama and she saying, Wes Move!”

I can’t help but beam with pride and have fun with this! My kid sits through things grown people can’t understand. It’s nice to be able to share Football & This Week with…even if he is holding a Brobee doll while watching it. Someone told me I was feeding him lines and grooming him for politics. No, not at all. I’m giving him tools to¬†exercise¬†his mind and knowledge of the world around him so that he can be a responsible citizen. The fact that he’s a nerd is just an added bonus! If we were blown away by nuclear war tomorrow, the last survivors would be cockroaches and nerds! You know I’m right! Most parents bond over sing-a-longs and catching baseballs. We’ve bonded over news tickers and presidential elections.

P.S. He totally has a crush on Robin Roberts!