Chilli Burgers on the Train

Since I was little there are a few food places in LA I cannot be without! These spots are like home, they complete my LA experience and you have to be a native to know them! Well I’m gonna start spilling the beans!! Not that I want a bunch of people invading my favorite hang outs, but I want to ensure that they don’t go out of business. Although I love IN and Out Burger, Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles & Johnny’s Pastrami… these aren’t the places I am talking about. Mostly because everyone and their mama knows about them. The places I blog about, you won’t know unless you live that 818/213/310/626 lifestyle! I’m talking about places that existed before the 323 even existed!! HAHAHA!

Today I’m gonna talk about my favorite favorite burger spot, Carney’s! If you come to Los Angeles and don’t visit the Carney’s train on Sunset or Ventura Blvd then you haven’t had a full LA experience. Carney’s chili cheese burger & hot dogs have been a staple in my life since before I could remember. Since before I could see over the order counter! In fact I was so small, in order to see someone I had to step back and look up!! That’s how much my family and I love eating on the Carney’s Train! I started off with a regular cheese burger or hot dog! I eventually moved up to the Chili Dog with regular fries and the Double Chili Cheese Burger with regular fries and a side of Peppercini peppers. Carney’s serves those delish original red hots with the snapping casing which are simply divine!! Their chili is not over heated and pasty, but meaty and seasoned! They serve all dogs & burgers on steamed buns and a variety of ways to enjoy your burger or dog. You will also find the spicier Polish dogs, or have your dog Chicago style, or a veggie or turkey burger for the more health conscious. I think they’ve even introduced a couple of wraps and healthier sandwiches! As for me and my crew we go for the whole¬†Shebang! Now some people would love to compare this place to Pink’s Hot Dogs, but I just don’t see how. I mean Pink’s is cool, but Carney’s is delicious!! And it’s not just the food, but the there is the atmosphere and the staff. I have never had a bad experience with a rude person at the counter…ever! Also, I remember being younger and it being so incredibly awesome to be able to go and have lunch on the train! Jax loves this place. Whether the train is moving or not, he is always excited to go and eat on the train!! I can only imagine what stories he makes up as he chomps on his burger, staring out the window. I can remember as a 7 year old running onto the train just narrowly escaping the bad guys that had been chasing me through the countryside! I made it on to the train car in my disguise, ordered my food from the food car and then watched as the train passed through the jungle, then the desert and then finally we made it back into the city once I finished my food. HAHA! You don’t believe me?! Well, you just see what happens to you once you step inside of the train!