Crazy Creole Mommy Christmas Fav ~ Home Spa Treats

Being a mom is a full-time job, whether you work or your staying at home, all of your time is devoted to your home and family! There is absolutely no time to go to the spa and pamper yourself. Pampering is sneaking away to the hair salon or the nail salon…and some of us don’t even have time for that! LOL! Well I have a favorite product line that is made by a mom who owns a small business…I’m pretty sure her pampering days were few and far between!! It’s nice clean scent, not very fruity or flowery. Good for allergies and all natural! And the price…well it’s just right! 🙂  She has lotion, shower gel, candles and oil room diffuser. The candles and diffusers are also good for men. I used her candles often in my house and my ex was a huge fan! She also makes crocheted skull caps, but that’s a different Crazy Creole Mommy Christmas Entry! They make great gifts or some nice treats for yourself! Pamper the Crazy Mommy in your life!

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