Finger Lickin’ Tasty Treats!

Okay so today while with my grandmother we were in the city near a place called Honey’s Kettle Restaurant. I had their chicken once before when I was working at Culver Studios. But I only had a piece and had never been inside. Well, once I walked in smelled the biscuits and chicken, saw the hotcakes and then someone’s old grandma whipping up icing on a homemade country cake…I knew I had stepped into food heaven!!

The only other time I had eaten tasty batter fried chicken and sweet pickles was from Golden Bird. If you ain’t knowing about Golden Bird then you ain’t from LA! LOL! But clearly I have stumbled onto another little LA gem! Now Golden Bird only really had tasty chicken, biscuits & sweet pickles. Honey’s Kettle on the other hand has WHOLE fried King Kat fish (yes you read that right!), grilled chicken, blackened catfish, yams, salads, Green Beans, Mash Potatoes,  homemade pies, hush puppies, pancakes and homemade cakes! It feels like being at your granny’s house for Sunday dinner after a four-hour Baptist church service! I think I’m in love!

I absolutely love local family owned businesses and this is just that. You can tell that these recipes have been in this family for years and the fact that they only have two locations and one is in Compton…well then you know that they are born and raised LA Angels!! LOL! What? I’m just saying, no one from Chicago is gonna come all the way to LA and randomly open a place in Culver City AND Compton! But they were already in Compton and knew that they would have a great business flow there because of the food culture here in LA. Two things that make me feel comfortable is A. When a restaurant uses old recipes & traditions and B. when the grandma is in the back shaking chicken, whipping up desserts, stir frying noodles, etc. LOL! Hey listen The An’s from Crustacean still got their grandma back there seasoning up them crabs we all go crazy for!! I think when I open my restaurant I might have to have Cle Cle (my grandma) in the back mixing stuffing & Lonnie (my aunt) making her sweet potato biscuits just to ensure that we have the food right and money flowing in!! HAHAHA! I laugh but I’m semi serious! Grandmas+Restaurant Kitchens= Yummy Deliciousness & paid college educations… I’m just saying!

Now back to Honey’s Kettle Restaurant & Bakery. I strongly urge you to try this place. I know I’ve said you should try this place and that place, and you probably are totally sleeping on those spots. If you love your stomach, you will start listening to me and taking a trip to these spots! Your taste buds will thank you…and ME! 🙂