Fresh New Face

I have a treat for everybody! My friend Felicia LaTour who is a professional make up artist gave me a few tips on a couple of different easy looks I can do in the limit amount of time I have to spend on myself every morning. I usually go naked face unless I have to be somewhere, but with my illness I’ve found that I like to make myself look a little fresher, when I’m not feeling so sexy. However, I’m still not about that caked on daily look. I want just a little touch up, if you will. Felicia sent me a recipe for a natural “Prime” look that I can use during the day and bump up later on for a quick dinner date or meeting if need be.

No Felicia is not a mother, but she is a young woman with very little time because of a demanding career. She does make up, but she loves a natural looking face…so I think she’s the perfect person to give The Chronicles readers tips that will only take you about 20 minutes. A ladies, you deserve to spend 20 minutes on yourself, so take it!


Felicia’s quick everyday look :

In the look I’m sporting below you will see it is very natural yet a bit dressed up. Follow along so you can see how I got this look in less than 20 minutes.

Products used :

Bobbi Brown: BB cream

MAC : Prism blush

MAC : “Boy bait” gloss

MAC: Plush Lash


I also fill in my eye brows which you can see how on my YouTube page:




1- BB cream all over your face evenly.

2- Blush on cheecks.

3- Pop of gloss

4- Brows (optional)

5- Mascara on top & bottom.


Colors may vary depending on skin tone.


This is considered our ” prime ” look . No matter what you do this look will always be apart of getting ready. To bump up for a night time look always ADD ON to your prime look. It saves time so you don’t have to redo your makeup from day to night.


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Facebook : Makeup By Felicia LaTour