I Think I Was A Woman…Once…!

Do you ever just wake up and look in the mirror and see…a mom?! And not the beautiful, skinny, multi-tasking, baking from scratch mom with perfectly behaved children. The bags under the eyes, sweat pant wearing, over grown cuticle having. eau de spoiled milk scented mom! I mean once upon a time you were a woman. Like a real woman who was cute and dare I say sexy. You got the proper amount of sleep. You ate food while it was warm. There were no toys popping out of your purse. The only thing in your back seat was an extra pair of stilettos and a blazer in case you were gonna meet your girlfriend for drinks after work. A glass of wine was a luxury, not a necessity. There were no pacifiers hiding in your pair of vintage Charles David boots.

How did this happen? When you’re single and childless you wonder why people want to wrap themselves up in this new identity and forget their old life. Well I’m here to tell ya, it isn’t by choice! Now don’t get me wrong. I LOVE being a mommy! Nothing can compare to the joy I get just from thinking of my son! However there are times that I miss being a woman! There are days when I just don’t want to be seen as someone’s mother! There are days when I would like to put on a sexy dress, go out with my girlfriends and get carded! Sometimes I’d like to have a glass of Opus One without calculating how many Pull-Ups I’m drinking. I’d like to go to dinner without having to watch the clock making sure I’m not late for the babysitter. Slowly but surely you will find yourself in a rut. With the lack of sleep, the pressure of making all the proper decisions for another human being and… lack of sleep, it’s very easy to forget that you also have an identity. You have an identity, your mate has an identity and you both deserve a life! Every once in a while it would be nice to relive being a human being who is interested in more than carpools & Yo Gabba Gabba. Is that selfish? I don’t think so. It’s pretty human. Actually it’s pretty fair!

So it’s Friday. Take some time this weekend at some point to do something for yourself, by yourself or with your mate. I think I might dust off some stilettos and drag a fellow mom out and see if we can keep our eyes open past 9pm!