Join Me Live Tomorrow

C&C Awareness Wk

As you know this week is IBD Awareness Week and so far it’s been wonderful seeing everyone come together, share resources and education. The IBD community really is a great supportive community to be apart of and I feel very blessed to have connected with so many people from The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America, The Companion IBD Magazine, The Great Bowel Movement , The Crohn’s Journey Foundation & so many more.

One of those folks that I’ve connected with is Frank from The Crohn’s Colitis Effect who runs a very great website with resources, tools and discussions for IBD patients and their caregivers.  Tomorrow Frank & CCFA are hosting a special roundtable discussion live for IBD Awareness Week and I will be one of their special guests panelists.  I would love for some of you to come and hangout and send in some questions for me, Frank and the other IBD panelists. Here’s the LINK for more info! Spread the word! See you tomorrow, 9p est!!

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