New Favorite Mat

You all know I’m a big supporter of small businesses. Especially small businesses owned and/or operated by women and mommies. Why? Because I grew up in a family of small business owners on my mommy’s side. My papa had a newspaper stand that he put four kids through catholic school with and my nannie’s papa had a candy & ice cream parlor. The only black owned salt water taffy & ice cream place in Bay St. Louis around the turn of the century. Small businesses are what keep the economy going. And mommies who are in business for themselves are not only consistantly contributing to the economy, but they are servicing the community & local families with their businesses. As most mommy owned businesses are geared toward helping the modern family. Monkey Mat is one of those businesses I support.

Baby_There have been times over social media that I’ve talked about Monkey Mat as something I use and keep in the car or stroller with me. The Monkey Mat is a lightweight, waterproof, outdoor mat. I often use it for days in the park, lunch in front of museums, beach trips and more. It’s perfect because even the strength of daddy & baby hasn’t destroyed it! LOL! Well, Monkey Mat has one upped it’s product. Introducing the new QUILTED Monkey Mat. I can say that that was the only downfall of the Monkey Mat, there was no cushion like a thicker blanket against the grass or concrete. But the quilted Monkey Mat as changed that.

Quilted features

Life is very outdoors now. We have outdoor malls like The Grove in Los Angeles & La Cantera in San Antonio where there are outdoor movies and concerts and family day events. So you need an easy, washable, foldable, lightweight with weighted corners & style for your events. I would participate in the Kickstarter to help get this quilted Monkey Mat off the ground. It’s definitely on my Christmas list!