Not Your Ordinary Cornerstore

Most of you know about my love affair with food by how much I write about it…or if you know me, how much of it I consume! LOL! Food to me is more than fuel. But at the end of the day it is fuel and that’s something we forget when we are rushing stuffing any ol’ thing that may smell like food down our throats. As we face a generation that is starting off with 35% of them having diabetes and 17% are suffering from childhood obsesity, it’s time to start paying attention. The tools and resources are there, we just have to know where to look. I’m of the mind set that I would rather spend that extra $2-$3 now on natural & organic food instead of that $2000-$3000 in medical bills later because of poor health.

For those of you in Atlanta there is a great little jewel of a store in Castleberry Hill called, Boxcar Grocer. It’s owned by a brother & sister, Alphonzo & Alison Cross who believe in community, good health & education. They are more than your average cornerstore and not as large as your average grocery store. There are many areas that are too small to have a large commercialized grocery store. And too be honest traditionally in the south, there were small local grocers that provided affordable food for their communities. They usually were stocked with local goods & produce. Now we have cornerstores that are more like liquor stores that provide cheap snack like foods filled with perservatives & salt that are killing our communities. And more often than not there is not a fresh vegetable or fruit in sight. Boxcar Grocer is going back to a way of life that never should have changed. As a mother, a woman, an American & consumer I am a huge fan of Boxcar Grocer. They are a Crazy Creole Mommy Atlanta favorite for sure.

They are currently trying to expand this movement to include new items to fit the needs of the Castleberry Hill community. They are also looking to bring a Boxcar Grocer to a neighborhood near you. So they have started a kickstarter fundraising campaign to raise funds to help bring change to the food nation of America. We can’t expect our government to change the way our children eat & live if we aren’t doing anything to help the process along. And we can’t blame our government for not taking the proper steps to keep our children & their health first if we do not. We have to start working on the community of America and rebuilding what we’ve torn down. We can turn these Asthma, Diabetes & Obesity statistics around. We just have to want to! We can’t boost an economy, we can’t win a war and we can’t provide jobs with a sick, unhealthy nation. We are killing ourselves and it’s time to stop. I encourage you to support small businesses looking to make a difference like Boxcar Grocer. They are good Americans making a difference!

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