A Forest of Science

Jax and his friend Joden were blessed to be some of the first kids to try out the new exhibits in the Galvin Physics Forest at the Kidspace Children’s Museum today. This museum was already a favorite of our family with its fun interactive science exhibits for kids of all ages, it’s yummy healthy snack options café & the cool park outside for after visit fun! They have added more outdoor space to explore. The exhibit opened today and I encourage you all to go check it out! Jax is 2 1/2 & Joden is just over a year, and they were able to enjoy playing and participating in the various exhibits. Each exhibit taught them how to Conserve Energy, about Air Pressure or having a Mechanical Advantage.

Some of Jaxon’s favorites were the Cool Fan where they had to turn a large wheel to make the large fan to blow. He also loved the Giant Lever which taught the kids about weight. The more kids & strength they had on one side, the easier it was to pull the lever to their side. Jax tried to take on a whole group of kids by himself…he quickly learned he needed some help! The day was too over cast for the Sun Spotter. But we did enjoy the Wheel Roll, The Ball Range, The Magic Mirror, & Air Cannon. Joden loved watching the Bottle Rocket launch, and they both loved the Tennis Ball Launcher! Jax actually got his tennis ball to launch from his pulling! Afterward we enjoyed water play, danced to some hits from Radio Disney and explored life as an Ant! I know you have heard me speak about this museum before and how great it is, well they just found a way to expand it for all your little scientists! This Physics Forest has great learning and physical tools for kids. Jaxon felt like he accomplished so much while pushing on the Air Cannon and pulling that Giant Lever.Congratulations Kidspace Museum! We will be back soon!!

Tips for Kidspace Museum Visit:

1. Pack a towel, closed toe shoes, change of clothes. Lots of water play!

2. Meet up with other moms & dads, make it a group affair.

3. Bring blankets or chairs and plan on a picnic after your visit. Pack or buy your lunch and the kids can play in the park outside the museum.

4. Go in the afternoon. Less crowded.

5. Prepare to run, parents! There are so many activities, your kids will keep you on your toes.

6. Bring lots of water. It gets humid in Pasadena.

Galvin Physics Forest Exhibits at The Kidspace Children’s Museum