Ode To My Mother

When I was little, the best time of the day was when the sun went down and the Peter Jennings was coming on the television to give the evening world news. It was the best time because I knew not too long after Peter came on, my mommy would come walking through the front door. Her cheeks were usually cold from the night air and she was popping Extra peppermint gum and she smelled of the salon. To this day the smell of hairspray and curling irons sends me into a place of relaxation and warmth. Actually there have been days when I didn’t really need to be, but I found myself planted in her salon. I find a chair in the waiting area and just sit. It’s the most comforting place to be, probably it’s because it’s where she is.

My mother and I are pretty much joined at the hip. We look-alike. Our birthdays are two days apart. We’ve worked together. We’ve lived together. We’ve cried together. I honestly don’t know what my life would be like without my mother. Now that I’m mother I realize that God matches us perfectly. He guides these souls to us as parents for great lessons and he encourages the children to choose for the teachings we need. I honestly believe that children’s souls choose us as parents with His guidance. Then we spend the rest of our lives trying to figure out why.

I’ve figured out why I chose my mother. My mother is the epitome of strength & perseverance. She’s also a walking testament to how having faith can stabilize your life. My mother seems to never be in a terrible situation for long. Blessings fall right into her lap. And it seems like as soon as she receives them she sends them right back out to people. With the career path and my health issues I would need to find a mountain of strength and thick skin to get me through. She taught me to be flexible with life, see the positive side and have faith that it everything will work out. She taught me more than how to be a wife, mother, woman and a good citizen. She taught me how to love my neighbor and how to love myself. All she’s ever emphasized is that I do the best job at whatever it is I want to do with my life. Whether that is being a stay at home mother, a gardener, an artist, a politician or ticket salesman. She always said whatever it is that I choose to do, I have to be the best at it and take it very seriously. This actually adds more pressure to find your calling and be the best at it! Gee Ma, Thanks! HAHA!

Now I’m not saying my mother is this perfect human being, but she is exactly who I needed as a parent. I think once you sit back and understand the role your parents are supposed to play in your life and growth, then you begin to respect their place on the planet. They become more than your mom and dad…they become human. You tend to forgive their faults and understand them better. My mom and I have had our moments of misunderstandings and blow ups, but over the years I think we have found a better way of communicating. When I started to understand why I chose her to be my mother and how she is helping me, then I was able to hear her better. When I began to hear her, she began to respect me as a human & adult and understand my needs better. Sometimes we do have to step back and give the person we love the type of love and attention, they ask for and not always what we think they need. And lately I’ve found that we’ve found that bridge. I need that absolute strength and lessons from my mother, but sometimes I do just want a silent hug or a listener and my mom has found a way to give me that. She’s taught me how to listen to my son and take a moment to understand what he wants from his mommy, and not always what he needs. Sometimes we may not know it but what we want can sometimes be what we need.

Each day I feel so blessed. I look at other people who may not have their mother’s or have strained relationships with their mother and I am able to have my mother and give Jaxon a grandmother. He’s just as in love with her as I am! I mean but how could you not be? She’s simply awesome! Even though she was probably more scared than I was right before my surgery, she was there cracking jokes with me about bed pans and the nurses and my hair standing up on top of my head. She always finds a way to take an extremely stressful situation and make it seem like it’s easy living!

I think I said all that to say is that I love my mother………..oh and after you read this, can I get a hair appointment?! 😉