Slick Shoe Art

So about four years ago I saw a pair of hand painted Barack Obama AF1’s on MySpace. They were incredible so I contacted the Artist, Van Taylor Monroe and we became fast friends. I helped him for a few months build his business, connecting him with the parts of the Obama Campaign. Through some friends of mine who are college mates of President Obama, we were able to gift a pair of the Obama AF1’s to the then Senator who received them before the election and then played basketball in them as President Elect with some friends before his Inauguration. President Obama then asked for a second pair to frame for his office! Van went on to paint shoes for Gayle King, Hill Harper, Will.I.Am, Fat Joe, Reggie Love and more.

Van’s art goes beyond politics and personal orders, he uses his platform to spread the word about world issues and various charities that need attention. Van is creative, talented and giving. His art is inspiring and amazing! This year he did a pair of shoes for my ex for father’s day with Jaxon’s likeness and in the colors of his fraternity. My ex loves art, his fraternity & most importantly, our son so I know that he will enjoy the heckers out of these shoes. Please visit Van’s website so you can see most of his artwork and maybe contact him to make a design for your art or shoe collection.