Who Says There’s Never Snow In Pasadena?!

Whoever did, never took a trip to Kidspace Museum after Christmas. Yesterday Jax and I, along with my sister, her and our friend Ryan and her son took a trip to Kidspace Museum for their Annual Snow Day event. Snow Day lasts about five days, starting the day after Christmas. The museum brings in real snow for the kids to play around in and experience with a baby/toddler section and an older kid’s section. Along with the snow they open all the exhibits, have cookie decorating, arts & crafts, special musical performances and a DJ for open play/dance! The sun was out and the place was packed with families having a great time. They have a full cafe and a cash only quick snack pick up area that includes COFFEEEEEE…yes, COFFEEEE!! And other healthy snacks for the kids.

Jax 1st snowNow, the first time my son experienced snow it was in Texas. It was when we first moved to San Antonio, and it was the first time they had snow in over 30 years or something. Even though I was very ill at the time, I knew I couldn’t pass up this opportunity for Jax to play in it, even if it was just a thin sheet on the ground. I thought he would love it…uh yea, not so much. I bundled him up in his boots, fleece lined pants and heavy coat and took him outside. Not only did I forget that my little california sprout didn’t like wearing clothes, but he also hated being cold! LOL! It probably didn’t help that he was just getting the whole walking thing down and the icy ground was hard to walk on. I let him touch it and screamed like someone was trying to kill him. Then he took off to get away from the mound in my hand and all the snow surrounding him. So after that, I thought, well maybe when he’s a little older.

This was the week to do it! He’s three, he’s fearless and he LOVES Kidspace! Yea…not so much! LOL! He gets up the mound and 2nd snowis met with some kid throwing snow at him and hitting him in the neck! He hadn’t put on his mitts yet so when he went to grab his own snowball ammunition, his hands got cold and wet! My son hates to be cold and wet! It wasn’t until I gave him his mitts and allowed myself to be the target of his snow frustration that it became a hit! But that only lasted about 5 minutes and then he was over it. Meanwhile over where my sister was, she was trying to get her fearless one year old to just touch the snow. He wasn’t having it. If looks could kill, my sister would be a dead woman! My nephew hates being cold and I think he thought whatever this white stuff was, it was making all the kids around him into maniacs…he was not happy!

So, instead of having our snow day be a total bust, we pulled our kill joy sons out of the snow and into the indoor exhibit area where they roamed and played for a while. We then lingered outside to the dance party and let the kids boogie down. We didn’t stay for very long and didn’t have to. The kids had a lot of fun in a short amount of time with all the activities going on. They got to do as much age appropriate things and all the activities moved along quickly. For as busy as it was, it was very very organized! Thanks Kidspace!