Crazy Creole Mommy Fav Alert!!!

Have a new favorite item! I’m not much a jewelry person but I love unique, classic and antique looking items. Most of my jewelry is sentimental and/or old. Well I found some new stuff that fits my little vibe. The brand is OlivierCri. Now anything that has the name Olivier sits well with me because WE ALL know how I felt about Lawrence…Olivier…Lawrence Olivier the actor…I was an actor…who love Lawrence Olivier…nevermind!

There stuff is stylish and chic, trendy and classic, beautiful and necessary! I have a few favorites on their site. Love the Rosary necklaces & the Limited Edition Rose Bracelet. LOVE LOVE the Shambella bracelets! The beads they use are vibrant and beautiful. The designs and craftsmanship are fantastic! And their Buddha designs go over well if you have a lover of Asian culture like my grandma in your family. I honestly think I love every design! Thinking these might be the hot ticket item for Christmas! Will be doing my shopping for men and women here at OlivierCri Yes, I said Men! They have great mens items! Not even kidding you need to check them out! They are also local young LA designers! Support small businesses, local artists and the young generation trying to do the damn thang! 🙂 Check out there site, follow them on twitter and let them know The Crazy Creole Mommy sent you!