Agent 6MP

I’m trying to make this sound so cool, but it isn’t. It actually really sucks! So, I’ve started Mercaptopurine aka 6mp. It’s a form of chemotherapy that is sometimes used by IBD patients to regulate their symptoms, as sort of a maintenance treatment. Sounds crazy right? I’m using Chemotherapy as a maintenance drug as if it’s Allegra or Singular. But, here we are. The Remicade has been working oooookay…not good enough apparently. Inflammation markers are high and the images from my last pouchoscopy led me back to the treatment they had planned on giving me a year before my colon was removed. I guess that means I’m back at square one…sort of…??

I don’t know about that, but I do feel like an experiment gone wrong. I stand in the mirror and look at my disfigured belly, that once gave me inspiration & courage, and become incredibly frustrated. I’m not trying to be vain or anything, but damn! All of that, just to go back and have to take this medication anyway!

Now I can admit this is a bit of an exaggeration. I was knocking on death’s door. There was no time to see if the medication was gonna work, I needed to go with a guarantee to be here for Hippo. But I think when you get you look back on your journey, and all the strides you’ve made. The life changes; highs and lows. And here we are, with a new disease and medication with serious side affects……..sigh……I’ve shed a few tears over the past few days.

What I can say is Parenthood + Chemotherapy, are not very good mixtures. Single parenthood + Chemotherapy, just plain sucks! The fatigue is unreal while on this medication. The body aches I experience as the medication flows through. And the nausea that creeps up every now and again like morning sickness is just annoying! With the new medication restrictions, I am only allowed 15 Zofran pills at time. Definitely went through that within the first five days. So, I’ve taken to Pregnancy Pops and peppermint tea. I’ve also tried to fortify myself with food. Taking in a lot of calcium & vitamin c through greens and colorful veggies. I’ve also boosted my daily gummy vitamin intake. I use Hero Nutritionals because they are organic, all natural, and they aren’t super duper sweet. I also, use Topricin (which you get 30% off if you use promo code CCM) on my entire body now. It’s actually helping to reduce the aches from the training I’m doing with the kids, the arthritis and the side effects from the medication. I’m also drinking TONS and TONS of water! Just have to!

I’m told the symptoms will subside and once the inflammation is slowed down and under control, I can get off of this stuff. I’m working on staying hopeful and positive…I said working on it! LOL!