Bathroom Tales

Up next, another exciting episode of Bathroom Tales. Starring Mommy, Hippo & Bam-Bam the dog. When we tuned in last week, Hippo threw the shower curtain back on Mommy while she was taking a shower, letting all the cold air in to ask her…could he have some cheerios? Let’s see what happens this week.

Scene: Mommy is in the bathroom after she left Hippo in his bunk bed watching Jake & The Neverland Pirates on Disney Jr. Suddenly, Mommy hears a large thump on the ground, followed by multiple heavy footsteps as if someone is running. Then they stop and not two seconds pass before the bathroom door swings open completely to reveal, Hippo!

Hippo: Mom!

Mommy: Jax you didn’t knock!

Hippo, realizing his error, closes the door. Knocks and then opens it up wide again.

Hippo: Mom!

Mommy: Jaxon, you knock and then wait. I have to give you permission to come in.

With an exaggerated sigh, Hippo closes the door and knocks ferociously on the door. Mommy sighs and begins to answer when she hears.

Hippo: Mommy, hurry and say, Come in!

Mommy: Come in.

Hippo opens the door wide enough that Bam Bam enters.

Mommy: Jax, do you have to open the door so wide?

Hippo: Oh sorry. Mom this is important, it’s an emergency!

Mommy: What? What is it?

Hippo: Izzy (the female character from Jake & The Neverland Pirates) turned into a mermaid!

Silence passes between the three, as Mommy tries to understand why her privacy has been invaded over a cartoon.

Mommy: You couldn’t have waited until I came out to tell me that?

Hippo: But then she won’t be a mermaid no more because the show is almost over.


Tune in next week for another exciting episode of, Bathroom Tales!