Crazy Creole Mommy In The Diego!

The more I look at that title, the more I realize I need sleep and lots of it. But no time for that because I’m on my way to San Diego. That’s right, Crazy Creole Mommy is on the road again. My bed misses me, surely, but there is much work to be done. This week I am joining the Janssen IBD Social Circle for some panel discussions and presentations at Digestive Disease Week or #DDW. Digestive Disease Week is a fantastic conference where some of the best gastroenterologists along with patients, advocates, brands, & pharmaceutical companies all gather together and chat about guts. Naturally this is my favorite health conference! I mean it’s a centralized gut conference where I can get some of the latest info that is IBD related. It’s also nice to be able to meet other people interested in guts. Guts. Guts. Guts. Listen, I’m just gonna keep saying, “guts” through out this whole damn post. Perhaps through the entire weekend, I’m not really sure. It’s my favorite word, right now. *insert my 5 year old sassy neck roll* Deal with it! So, not back to my post about the conference about guts!

I’ll be joined by Amber Tresca, Jaime Weinstein, Aaron Blocker, Dan Sharp & Sara Ringer. Actually, I’m really not sure if Sara will be joining us. She posted recently how unwell she’s been. Although she had suspected it, Sara was recently diagnosed with CIPO: Chronic Intestional Pseudo Obstruction as explained HERE in her blog. Whether she’ll be joining us or not this year, please send her some love and healing prayers. Also, a shout out to my girl, Kelly Crabb from #PurpleProject hasn’t been feeling well! I miss her terribly and our snapchats are just not enough! Sending her love all the way from LA to Wisconsin. Last, but not least, Marisa Troy from #JournalingIBD missed our HealthEVoices conference & CCFA’s Day On The Hill because she has been having serious complications. Marisa is definitely in our prayers and thoughts.

It’s so interesting that people will continue to dismiss these diseases (Crohn’s & Ulcerative Colitis) has trivial or uncomplicated. I just named three people just in my circle of friends, whom I advocate with that are fighting serious complications and battles from either Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis. The awareness we fight so hard for is not completely affective outside of our IBD community. I think it’s definitely time for a change. If you are reading this post and you are NOT a patient, I encourage you to follow my Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter & Facebook pages for information from DDW. This disease is much more complicated than going to the bathroom often. It’s so much more painful than a stomach ache. It isn’t rare, but often misdiagnosed. Join me this weekend.