Crazy Mommy Moment

I suppose when your blog is called, The CRAZY Creole Mommy Chronicles, it is very likely you’ll have moments of insanity.  Yesterday I had one of those moments. My day was jam packed. LOTS of returning emails, lots of writing, lots of stuff happening and it seemed that it all happened at one time! So insane! Anyway, after picking up Jax and dropping him off at my grandmothers I came back to my house to get everything ready for the event I would be attending. I got dressed, laptop sleeping, desktop shutdown, ipad safely in purse, Happy Family snacks on cart ready to roll. I get all the way down to the car, packed the car up and went to put my destination in my phone for directions and…no phone. What tha?! I could have sworn I had it in my hand when I walked out the door.

Immediately I retrace my steps. Called the phone and walked through my apartment building looking for the damn phone! Then I remembered the handy dandy Find My Phone app. Turned it on and it showed that my phone was down the street! DOWN THE STREET?! So you mean to tell me that my phone was picked up by someone that fast and is now making it’s way down the street! OH HELL NO! It’s about to go down! I pull out of my garage and follow my phone’s trace. Wait! Why is my phone following me now? Once I pulled out of the covered garage, my signal changed and now my phone is following…ME…? Huh?! I stare at the iPad for a second. I look around me. No one there. Hmm… totally weird. I pull off and slowly drive a few more feet and then look at iPad. Yep, the phone is still following me! So I pull over and pull everything out of the car. As I pull on a box, it falls over and my phone falls out! See I told yall I had the phone in my hand when I walked out the door! Duh!