Sparkly Clean, Baby!

CBBadOne of the great things about connecting with resources like Mocha Moms, ClubMomMe, Happy Family Superfoods, Macaroni Kid and local mommy groups, you get introduced to so many things you may not be able to find on your own while playing Aliens & Astronauts or scrubbing oatmeal stains out of security blankets that shouldn’t have been at the table in the first place, but your voice no longer registers with your three year old so you’re left scrubbing stains out of everything…*takes deep breath*…but I digress. Resources, introductions…yes. Okay, so because of my associations with all things Mommy & Organic I was introduced to Clean Bee Baby. Clean Bee Baby is a mobile cleaning service that is popular for steam cleaning and removing stains from strollers & carseats using eco-friendly cleaning products by The Honest Company.


Oh yes, when I found out about them the clouds opened up and I heard the angels sing! Having had Colitis and all of my surgeries, it’s been a while since I could get a deep cleaning done on Jaxon’s carseat. Anything more than a vacuum cleaning and a wipe down just hasn’t been done. I was able to not only get a steam cleaning and an eco-friendly stain lifter treatment done on Jaxon’s carseat, but a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician will uninstall and reinstall your carseat for you. It’s super easy too. You go online and find a location and time that works for you. I went to Whole Foods in Woodland Hills so that I could get some shopping done before I picked up The Hippo from school. I made the appointment online. Then I parked around my appointment time, they came and got the carseat, I signed in and then went into grocery store and did my shopping. When I was done, they were done! And they didn’t just lightly go over the carseat. They took it apart and cleaned every nook and cranny, including the seat belts! My carseat looked brand new! It was amazing! It dried fast as well, so by the time I picked up Jax after I left, the whole thing was completely dry.


Now from what I understand they have JUST launched in the NYC and are doing a promotion of 500 FREE carseat cleanings! So if you’re in the NYC, check out their locations and take your carseats over there. They also do house calls…see I told you heaven sent… so if you’re pregnant and need to clean that carseat before the baby is born, but can’t drive anymore, give them a call! Not only will they clean your carseat & stroller, repair your stroller, but they will clean anything else you have for baby at home! So if you have a new baby coming home or the old babies need to be scrubbed down and sanitized, make the house call…call. LOL! They also do preschool fundraisers and…well just check out their website. When you book your appointment, let them know that The Crazy Creole Mommy sent ya!