Say What?! I Found My Hips!!

Alert! Alert! Alert!! I found my hips!! Yes, you read right! My hips are back! I would post a pic, but I’m afraid I might be flooded with King Magazine photo shoot offers! HA! Okay, so they aren’t that prominent, but there are there! And if you are looking closely and long enough, you will see them! I think that at 30, I am finally starting to looking like a woman again! *fist pump* FINALLY! After 2 years of trying to gain my little shape back and fix the havoc colitis created on my body, I’m almost there! I gained about 6 lbs since my last surgery and I’ve got some hips back! Oh yea! Watch out now! I no longer look like the babysitter…more like a teenage mom for right now. Oh but just wait until I get my boobs back! Oh yea! It’s on!