For The Love of #42!

On April 15, 1947, Jack Roosevelt Robinson change the world through Baseball when images-1he bravely made Baseball a truly ALL American sport. Sometimes I wonder if I could ever have that courage to just do what I know is right and what is my divine right to fulfill my dreams in spite of persecution and possibly death. How far would you go? We push our children to believe in themselves and do what is necessary to fulfill their dreams. Let no man stop them! But to what degree? I think about Jackie Robinson taking the field, performing at his best in a game that he loves with a gift that he was given. All the while knowing there are people in the stands and around the country who would rather see him in a grave than in that Brooklyn Dodgers uniform. It was more than a game. Even if he never got to bat or scored a run, he still would have opened the door for generations to come. The weight and pressure didn’t make him sit, it forced him to stand! All American children, no matter their color, should know about being THAT brave. He was a true man. He was brave. He defined courage.

NewZLogoOne of my Crazy Creole Mommy Fav museums, The Zimmer Museum, here in Los Angeles is hosting an opening of an exhibit at The Sports Museum of AMAZING one of a kind baseball artifacts, highlighting Jackie Robinson. It’s ONE day only! EVERYONE should see this and celebrate this true American Civil Rights Human Hero! Please if you can buy a ticket and take your children to this amazing experience. Then go and take them to see 42!

On a side note, the Zimmer Museum is trying to get a large group of inner city kids that would never be able to see these types of exhibits to the museum. If you cannot make the exhibit extravaganza…maybe you can send a kid! Please donate HERE, tell them you are a friend of THE CRAZY CREOLE MOMMY and find out how you can sponsor an inner city child!