New Yumminess!

keep-calm-and-fight-colitis-9Sometimes living with Colitis/Crohn’s you find that food can be a source of frustration. Some weeks you can eat what you want with mild restrictions, but for the most part it’s mashed potatoes, fish and cooked down vegetables! Sometimes you can switch it up with a fresh juices or whatever, but it really depends on how your body wants to react. That’s why a lot of people resort to things like Boost and baby food. I was no exception! I was an Ensure & Happy Family Brands girl!

Well if you’ve grown tired of the liquid life and you’re looking for crunch try Rice Cakes! I’ve down Happy-Munchies_Blueberry-Beet_Visualplain rice cakes with a little cashew butter spread. Not the crunchy, but the smooth spread. Even now I’ll grab a few as an in-between snack. I use the plain or if I want to add a little excitement, I’ll do the Happy Munchies Rice Cakes. Now I know they say BROWN RICE on the package. But I actually had not paid attention to that when I ate my first bag full. When I realized it I freaked out! I was scared I was gonna have a fiber over load. But I actually didn’t have a problem at all!! I’ve been eating them ever since! Now they have the new Blueberry/Beet Rice Cakes! And for those of use who can’t do the berries whole and miss them, this is a good substitute.

Now I know I don’t have colitis flare ups anymore, but I do have some issues some times with my JPouch, so there are times when I have to revert back to what I know. I won’t have large meals, I just try and snack all day. So I’ll do Greek Yogurt with fruit mixed in, rice cakes, peanut or cashew butter, dry rice krispies, string cheese, jello cups, and applesauce. Then on the second or third day I’ll add a few Kale Chips or some dried green beans. I don’t eat the packaged Kale Chips, I just roast them in the oven with a little salt and olive oil. You need the salt, so don’t be afraid of it. The dried green beans I get from Trader Joes. They are super yummy and not as high in fiber as dried fruit.

What am I snacking on right now, you ask? Why a rice cake and dried greens! LOL! See I will take my own advice from time to time!