Day 19 and counting…

It’s officially the 19th day of Hippo leaving and I am…well… I don’t know what to do. I’m confused by life. I mean, I’m getting work done and everything. But that’s just it…I’m getting everything done. I don’t have anyone yelling my name every five seconds. I eat my food when it’s hot. I don’t have an extra plate to make. I’ve actually slept passed 7am. Actually a few mornings, I’ve woken up at 10am. Yes, literally, 10 am! But I do find I’m a bit…moppy. Me and the dog, kind of look a little pathetic. It’s just too dag on quiet in the house now.

It’s absolutely crazy how when your children are with you, you absolutely need a break. But then when you get the break, you’re miserable?! I mean, I’m not under a rock, depressed, but I kinda don’t know what to do with myself! LOL! It’s like Ricky Bobby in that interview…he didn’t know what to do with his hands, HAHAHA!! I’m having a Ricky Bobby moment…I just don’t know what to do with my hands. My life is usually so compact and rushed with a million things to do and now, it feels a little empty. Parenthood is quite confusing! Seriously! I love having this time to rest, rejuvenate and re-organize but I miss my Hippo. I miss his little voice, his energy and everything that comes with being a mom. Yes, it can be exhausting but unless you’re a parent, you can’t even begin to understand how rewarding and fun it is and can be. On top of the fact that now I have no single childless friends left! LOL! So, people are as busy as I usually am and don’t have time to hang out with the single childless woman. I’m allllll alone! HAHAHA!

Day 19. Only 28 more days left until I can kiss my little hippo. Who actually isn’t so little anymore apparently. Not only has he had a growth spurt, but he’s also gained 7 lbs in 19 days! I mean after he got excited about his trip to the store with his grandma to get snacks, I pretty much expect him to come back weighing over 50lbs in true Hippo fashion.

Le Sigh. I guess I should cue up the Patti LaBelle song… Ooooon my own, once again, I. Ooooone more time…BY MYSEEEELLLFFFF!!!