Happy Birthday ‘Merica!

Today is one of my favorite holidays! Not just because I’m a American politics and history junkie. Not just because I’m a Patriot. And not just because I absolutely love fireworks. I love this holiday for most of the reasons I love other holidays, it’s an excellent excuse for people to get together with loved ones and eat their faces off! But I also know for people with IBD, Ostomies and other autoimmune diseases/challenges, it’s a tough one. It’s usually very hot where ever you are in the country (unless it’s Seattle or San Francisco) and the food isn’t so IBD friendly.

Well here are a few solutions.

1. Contribute an IBD safe fruit, like watermelon

2. Add some cucumber and lemon or fruit to your water for flavorful drink

3. Grill salmon or veggies instead of ribs. OR eat the inside of grilled/barbecue chicken if you can’t really eat the skin

4. Stay in the pool or indoors to keep cool

5. Wear loose fitting, flowy-type of clothes

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday. This is my first fourth of July without Hippo (he’s with his dad), so my party animal level is down this year. He LOVES the fourth of July, and every year has been so much fun since he’s been born because he enjoys it so. Not sure what adults do for this holiday anymore! LOL! I guess I’ll find out!



Mommy & IBD belly friendly fashion suggestions for the 4th!
Mommy & IBD belly friendly fashion suggestions for the 4th!