Dragons, Dinosaurs & Dance Dance Party!

A few weeks ago we were invited by the LA Zoo to attend their annual event, LA Zoo Family Jam. This year’s theme was Dragons, Dinosaurs and Dancing. It was in conjunction with the releasing of Disney’s Pete’s Dragon. Last year it was Rio 2, which I didn’t attend. But my best friend, Samantha attended in my place with her kids. This year we took a large group and had, THE BEST TIME! THE BEST!

I almost feel like any after dark event at a museum, amusement park, or a zoo is always a little more fun than things that happen on a normal day. This event didn’t disappoint. There were still a lot of animals out for the kids to see, there were themed sponsored arts and crafts tables set up around the zoo. As well as a great green screen attraction where the kids could take pictures with, Elliot the Dragon. There were a variety of amazing food trucks.¬†Something pretty awesome about eating lobster rolls with wine under the setting sun while the Elephants danced! We stayed until a late hour and let the kids dance out their excitement with glowing bracelets and hula hoops.

I would say the highlight of the night, was the dinosaur exhibit. Absolutely amazing!! The animatronics animals are well dressed and smooth in their mechanics. I almost forgot they were robots. I actually jumped when one sprayed us. They also had a hatching of eggs and baby dino hand puppets. The kids went wild! I do wish I had brought my stroller. The end of the night, the kids got cranky. But now that I understand the way the whole night works, heres what I would do different.


Roll with the Bugaboo Bee3. DO NOT FORGET YOUR STROLLER!


Pack dry snacks like pretzels, cheesy bunnies or Happy Family bars. I made the mistake of eating before hand. There is a lot of walking, and bathrooms are few and far between. The event is IBD friendly…if you don’t eat a full meal before hand. Plan on a late dinner after. There are some pretty cool restaurants around that area.


Pack waters and place in stroller basket. Aqua ball is always good for these types of occasions with friends. A couple of alkaline waters for mommy.


Comfort tennis shoes with socks. I went sockless and to be honest, my body doesn’t appreciate sockless journeys anymore.


Get a group together. Now this I did and it was so much fun that way. The kids had one another and you have some pals to hang out with.

There are so many fun events that happen at the Zoo throughout the year. If you are in the Los Angeles area, you should definitely subscribe to their mailing list so you can have the information before the tickets sell out. ¬†You definitely don’t want to miss Family Jam next year.