Happy 2012 for the hip single mommy

Haha! Made you look! You probably thought I was hip for a second there! HA! I’ve had a couple of 13 year olds remind me that I am no such thing! Apparently I was kinda cool to be seen with before I became a mom, but now….I’m just as uncool to them now as my mother was to me then! But I digress… New Years Eve, yes how did this single mama handle her first NYE alone in years? Quite well actually! This crazy mama, found her a super crazy sexy dress (one that the ex never would have let me wear out), some crazy sexy shoes, a little lip gloss, slicked back my hair and a little bronzer and hit the town with a new attitude on life, my sister, brother & brother’s girlfriend for a very grown up NYE! Oh and look ma, NO SPANX!! Score one for the post-partum single mama body!

No knocking back the bottles of Belve over here. We actually did a very fun low-key night of amazing food, laughter, reflection and more laughter! My initial idea was to go out-of-town with girlfriends and re-live my early twenties, but let’s be real. Your early twenties are just that, your early twenties! Once you’ve begun to pay taxes and breastfed, some things just aren’t necessary. Since it’s been a while since I’ve been in LA and I’ve hit the scene I thought why not see what my city has to offer!

The four of us hit Hotel Palomar on Wilshire in Westwood! Super cute sexy boutique hotel! We ate and drank at Blvd 16 which was suggested by a friend of mine, Assist General Manager, Keyara Kaiser ! She done done it again! Wine, wine, strong Mojitos & more wine!!! The new executive chef, Richard Hodge, from SF Kimpton Restaurants prepared a special New Years Eve three course meal with a wine pairing that looked UH-MAZING! We ordered from the regular menu having mussels in brown butter with fries and the Seafood Bouillabaisse! OUT OF CONTROL! Keyara helped us with the wine suggestions and the night was so incredibly tasty! The DJ was on POINT with the mix keeping us with the new with Rhianna and then taking us back to 1992 with a little Arrested Development! Prices weren’t too bad at all about the same you would expect at a sophisticated unique restaurant with an excellent executive chef. No where near the Crustacean or Spago’s prices, but just as tasty! Don’t get me wrong I LOVES ME SOME AN SPECIAL GARLIC NOODLES & OL’ WOLFY PUCK! But this place had a great vibe for this night! Less stuffy, more sexy. A great spot for a dinner date, dinner meeting, quick drinks or a weekend away from the kiddies! If you decide to make the quick drive to Westwood and check it out, ask for Keyara Kaiser, tell her Brooke sent you… she has the best suggestions on what to eat and drink and she just gives great service. When I go I ask for her!

I ended the night with a whole other group of friends and family and Newness!! It definitely set the tone for the year… New great things happening, surrounded by amazing folks and new places to explore!! Bring it on 2012!

New Years Eve summed up!