Since my child could crawl I always end up with the strangest things in my shoes, purses, drawers etc. I mean trying going on a date, reach for your lip gloss all sexy and a pacifier comes flying out onto the table… “oh yea, did I mention I’m a mommy?” I’ve have found playdoh, bouncy balls, pacifiers, play cell phones, playfood in places they are not meant to be! But in three years, even though I am with him everyday all day, I somehow always miss when he has either added or subtracted from my purse. Actually nowadays it’s more like a switch out. He’ll trade my house keys for his play keys…and forget to tell me. Well after all this time I have FINALLY caught the little booger in the act! Oh yea! I just saw Jaxon reach his hand into my Uggs, check it and then proceed to quietly drop toys in there and try to flee the scene! Oh no buddy! Busted! In the words of President George W. Bush, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice… we will not be fooled again!” And I will NOT be fooled again! I’m keeping my eye on you buster! Oh yea! Two points for the Parental team!