The Molar vs. The Mommy

You may wonder why the keys to my laptop are clicking rapidly before the Rooster has cleared his throat to crow. One word…teething. No not me, the toddler with the chubby chipmunk cheeks. Why don’t I remember the hell of teething from when I was a babysitter? And why did I not know about the MOLAR?! Oh the Molars! Those damn Molars!!! They are the worse! The absolute worse! I thought we were in teeth recess until he was 5, but I was wrong. Yes, lordy-be I was dead wrong!

About a year ago Jax’s first Molar broke through and I believe that we are now waiting on his last one to come now. The infant teething had a lot of drooling and horrible smelling poop. A slight fever maybe and lots of raw fingers for mommy and daddy. I knew that was coming, I was prepared. I also knew that there was a window when all this would take place, so these things were expected. Some how it wasn’t ALL that bad. And poof teething was over and something else began, so I put teething out of my mind.

Then one day I looked over at my son and his cheeks were huge. It looked like he was harboring grapes and cheesy bunnies in there for an after nap snack. He was grumpy and clingy and would not eat his food. For my son to leave a plate with a few crumbs left is a cause for panic, so looking at a plate full of chicken nuggets and watermelon, I knew something was off. Felt his forehead and he was burning up. After checking his temp, cooling him down and giving him a little Motrin I called his doctor. He had no other sickly symptoms, so what the hell was going on with my child? The nurse told me to put my finger his mouth and feel for molars on the top and bottom. Molars? But he hadn’t turned 2 yet, aren’t those big boy teeth? But sure enough, as I gingerly felt along his gums, there was a little sharp bone poking back at me at the back of his jaw. And that was when the nightmare began. The tooth had not broken yet and unlike his other teeth, his teething toys and pacifiers couldn’t get back there good. He gnawed on everything. He cried at every little thing. He laid in my lap like a defeated warrior. He woke up often in the middle of the night from pain and there was little I could do to make him comfortable. It’s such a sucky thing to watch. Knowing that their tooth pain is like 10x worse than what it feels like for us. My little Chipmunk Cheek Warrior! Tonight or this morning rather, I am back at it. Molar cutting through patrol! I’m pretty sure this is the last one for a while…I hope!

There are SO many things that come up in this whole parenting thing. SOOOO many things!! I feel like as soon as I get a good hold on it, get a good grasp on the reigns, something comes along to bring me back down to reality. Maybe it’s just first child syndrome. Maybe by the time I have the second child I won’t feel like I’m walking through a dark tunnel with a blindfold over my eyes, with no shoes on after an earthquake! It’s like one big science experiment. You have an idea, research, come up with a hypothesis, conduct a test and hit your knees praying it comes out right! LOL! Then you have that loud obnoxious voice in your head saying, “Don’t screw up! You’re raising a human! Don’t mess him up!” HAHAHA! I use to be a sane person. A well rested, sane person………

……but……..I was never this happy…….