Happy Halloween Y’all

IMG_3239It’s that time of year that most of us with Autoimmune Diseases or challenges dread and love all at the same time! I LOVE when the kids get dressed up and the little Halloween Parties…but I HATE Trick or Treating the pressure that Trick or Treating brings. First there is all the walking and looking out for crazy drivers and obnoxious teenagers using the holiday as an excuse to act foolish. There are no bathrooms close. And you need to make sure your kid is fed, warm and not too tired before you set out to trick or treat. THEN there is the getting them back home to bed ready for school the next day. Did I mention it’s cold, so your joints are probably locking up. In fact, it’s been so bad the last couple Halloween’s, I am thinking about just going with it and being the Tin Man next Halloween. That way I have an excuse to walk all stiff and crazy! LOL!

How do I prep? I try to take it as easy as possible all day! Doesn’t always work, but I do try! Okay so I take it easy and I make sure I take a buddy! *cough* my mom *cough* and we go somewhere near by. I pick him up earlier than usual, get him fed and then try to go as early as possible after the sun goes down. When we come back, we have family movie night, just because there is no getting him to sleep. He’ll usually sleep in the car on the way home and then he’s back to being wired. I also pack my bag with a smart water, Happy Family Pouch or snack pack and some Tylenol for the stiff joints and pain from walking. I usually don’t dress up in a costume, much to Jaxon’s dismay, just because I need to make sure I am warm and comfortable.

If you are having serious, serious issues, where you can’t walk too far and stay close to a bathroom. See if your spouse or a friend can take the kids trick or treating early and then invite a small group of friends over for a Halloween Potluck. You guys can do snacks or dinner, with candy for the kids and pop in a movie. That way you don’t miss out on Halloween festivities and you don’t have to do a lot of prep. Everyone wins!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween y’all!! xoxo