Happy New Year!

And so the end of the year has arrived and we are all taking a moment to look back and say, “What tha?! Where did the time go?” ! LOL! At least I know I am. Some years it seems to go by fast, and then there are those years we hope would speed up a bit so we can start over. The new year always brings the idea of a fresh start. But really, if you think about it, every day we wake up is a chance to start over. Maybe we should start living like that. Enjoy every moment possible. That way the time won’t seem to slip away or drag on…it will be just as it is.

On a side note, I just wanna say thanks to all of you for such an amazing year for The Chronicles and me. Your continued support through reading, emailing, tweeting, etc. has really helped our mission here of helping others with challenges live a better quality of life. Thank you for your help!

So turn on the stove, put on a pot of greens & cabbage, black eye peas and pigs feet! Okay, Turkey necks or wings if you can’t do the pig feet…Lord knows I love me some pig feet. Hey, I may have been born in LA, but the southern roots run a little too deep! As Brobee would say, “Try it! You’ll like it!”. HAHA! Some of you are probably like, well little lady have you TRIED to cook them yet? And the answer is no! Yes, I’m still a bad creole! I just can’t bring myself to touch them raw. LOL! But you can use my yummy Cabbage & Black Eyed Peas recipe if you want. 🙂

Happy New Year ya’ll!! I can’t wait until you see us in the new year. I’m working on getting the newsletter out each month. Working on a YouTube channel with recipes, how to’s and fun clips. And learning how to live an easier life with a J-Pouch and a KINDERGARTNER! We also have some new giveaways coming up from Cover My Heart, Mixed Up Clothing, Aden & Anais, Fox Home Entertainment, Warner Bros., Mother’s Organic & more! See ya’ll later!