New Years Day The Creole Way!

nyeEvery culture has a great way they bring in the New Year! I think the Creole culture is the most ethnic sub American culture. We bring it in like the Italians and Asians, prayer and lots and lots of food! But not just any feast, The New Years Day feast. We are a God-fearing superstitious traditional culture. HaHa! Yea you read right! There is a lot going on within the Creole Culture, not just delicious food. Okay so back to what I was saying! Food traditions! Food is a big part of how we express our love and joy with one another, so we have to start off the new year with the right gifts. So, for most of my life on New Years Day I have enjoyed one or all of the following dishes:

Black Eyed Peas & Rice


Pig Feet

Now don’t ask me what they are for. I always forget. Call my grandma or someone’s Mamaw, they can tell ya! HAHA! Hashtag Bad Creole! LOL! I know it’s about luck/blessings, money and health. You know all that good stuff you want in the new year! Now you’re probably wondering how I make my New Years dinner? Well, I’ll tell you right now I leave the pig feet to my aunts and grandmother. I love them…can’t cook em! Not because I won’t learn how, I just can’t touch them raw. Again… hashtag bad creole! LOL! But I do have a cabbage and black-eyed pea recipe.


Black Eyed Peas 

Dry Black Eye Peas

White Onion


pancetta or Thick Sliced Bacon

Now you do have to soak dried beans over night and then start cooking them in the morning to have them ready for the evening. So after you’ve soaked them and have them on a low heat simmer. In a separate pan brown your pancetta or thick bacon (chop it up) with onion and garlic. I usually do this once the beans are cooked half way through and then I can add the mixture in to get all the flavors married to one another.



Head of Cabbage

Mustard Greens


pancetta or Thick Sliced Bacon



Bay Leaf

Chicken Stock

Roughly chop your greens and cabbage. Brown your bacon or pancetta with the onions, garlic and bay leaf inside the pot you’re gonna stew your greens and cabbage in. After they brown add your chicken stock. I only add about a quarter of the pot. I bring it to a slight boil and add all my greens, stir and simmer.