We’re ONE!!!

Well a very Happy Happy Birthday to us! That’s right the Crazy Creole Mommy Chronicles has turned a year old! On this day last year this crazy creole mommy took her twitter rants to a larger format! Thank you for coming along for the ride! I hope I’ve not only entertained you with my stories of my beef with Santa, my late nights with a certain hooligan and introducing my post partum/post ostomy self to the world of dating…but I hope I may have informed and inspired some of you! I’ll continue to share as long as you’ll have me!

How am I going to celebrate this milestone you ask, with a good dinner, some wine and a good movie for family movie night. Wait…wait…it’s Friday! Scratch the wine…Where’s the 190 Octane?! If you don’t know, you betta ask somebody! Hey now!