And So It Begins…….

So here we are! But what exactly are we doing here? That my friends is a very good question! I already have a blog BrooklynBites that I have had for quite sometime and it’s pretty much all over the place, and I love it! So why The Crazy Creole Mommy Chronicles? Well about 2 years ago I became just that, a Crazy Creole Mommy. For one, I am creole! What does that mean? That means my family is from New Orleans and on any given day when you walk into my house their is a pot on my stove full of goodies! And about 3 years ago I fell in love with a man and we started a family! The Hippo in question, Jax Lee Coltrane Honeycutt. Everyday with this kid is like a brand new day, not one day is remotely the same and I usually overload my twitter with his antics. So I woke up this morning and realized that there is probably about 3,000 more mothers out there like me with little Hippos that are barking at neighbors passing by, eating more than a 13 year old, dancing their way into people’s hearts and cussing at the perfect moment. I thought, we should all connect! I mean why be in this crazy twilight zone alone when we can laugh, share and cry together!!

So the game plan is to take the time to not only share how my son tries to feed the dog gold fish, but also share my take on certain products, services, activities, etc. As a single mother with an autoimmune disease who is also living on a budget but with a healthy organic concious…Yes, that is a mouthful… I’d like to find other mommies that can relate! I will be sharing date night tips, my favorite creole family recipes, favorite restaurants, store, etc from whatever city I am in. Basically you can just follow me on this crazy journey I am on in search of love, laughter, good food and being the best mommy I can be. Join Me, won’t cha?!

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez