The Single Mother’s Lament

Now that you’re up and about reading your email, you’re probably wondering, “wow this is the earliest that Brooke has ever sent out a post!”. Then you look at the time stamp on the email and realize, no it’s not early. Actually it’s pretty late! Yea, it’s late! It’s about to be March 1st and I haven’t even finished with February. You’re asking yourself, why is this crazy woman blogging at midnight? Why is she snuggled up in her bed and falling asleep, getting refreshed for the next day. Well between my overactive J-Pouch and my overactive toddler, I am still up working.

Moments like these when I’ve been up since 4:30am, with a one hour nap at 6:30am and a full day of work, calls, emails, events, scheduling, laundry, cleaning and frequent bathroom visits, is when I miss having a partner. When I’m trying to speak with my marketing manager at Happy Family and my little one is trying to show me his version of Lilo’s hula dance with a blanket on his head, a patch on his eye and a sword in his britches! When I’m trying to wash down the Mt. Everest of laundry while sending out emails and creating newsletters for my Macaroni Kid e-newsletter…yes, I’ve taken on Macaroni Kid! 🙂 But I digress! It’s times likes these when I feel like an Octopus being pulled in thirty different directions that I need a partner. Someone to feed the kid, so I can go pee and shower. Someone to fold the laundry so it’s not sitting in piles all over my bedroom while I hover over a laptop trying to keep the family a float and my son in new shoes. Maybe that same person can go take the kid to get a new pair of shoes, because OF COURSE he has moved up half a shoe size in less than a month! Of course the shirts, pants, underwear, socks and shoes are all too small! But how am I to drive him to go shopping if I’m attached to this damn laptop?! How can I make play doh food with him, and color and read with him if I’m at events connecting and working, trying to gain advertisers for my site or giving a nutritional presentation for Happy Family? Who’s gonna put gas in the car or get quarters for the laundry? Why can’t I clone myself yet?!

Now I’m not necessarily feeling sorry for myself, I’m just having one of those…weeks! LOL! I’m sure it’s part of the whole reinvention. New colon. New career path. New life. New partner?! I need a vacation! I’m good with just a week…five days if that’s all I can do, I’ll take it! I need a moment to just SHUT IT DOWN! Unfortunately, after years of being a stay at home mom and then nearly losing my life, I’m on a grind to stack chips for a rainy day…or everyday. But when is enough, enough? When am I suppose to jump off the wheel and take a water break? I was always more of a Batman type of girl than Superman…but right now I could really use Superman’s super powers!

T-minus 45 minutes until the dryer goes off! Ugh…you know, making movies was a whole lot easier than this!