The Single Mom, The Fake Colon & The Valentine

You haven’t heard from me in a while because it’s just been an interesting two weeks. I take that back, it’s been an interesting few months. We started off the year with Jaxon’s eye surgery. Then we followed that with pouch blockages, a fissure, Jax had an ear infection AND bronchitis, then we topped it off with good ol’ pouchitis. Pouchitis is an interesting little diddy that I will have a full post on a little bit later, along with some info on my first pouch scope. This post, this post is all about love and fun on Valentine’s Day. I know, I know, my post Valentine’s Day post is a few days off…but did you read all I’ve had to go through lately. I didn’t even tell you about the Sunday afternoon I spent in emergency with a sliced thumb…yea, exactly!

Okay so love, single parenthood and Valentine’s Day. I posted something on Single Mom Planet about the IMG_1836idea of Valentine’s Day and what it means to the single parent. Especially the single parent who’s Valentine is far away at the moment…or just doesn’t exist! What do you do on Valentine’s Day except be reminded that you are the only person without a date. Well, you can stop being so melodramatic and realize that you are in fact NOT the only person without a date. AND that most of the people scrambling to find someone to have a date with or something to do with said date. All because we like to market holidays for consumer purposes. Holidays aren’t really meaningful anymore. Valentine’s Day is about love and sharing love. And who else is full of affection, love and selflessness than a single parent? Why worry about a date with someone else, when you have the love(s) of your life right there in your house, your kid(s)! So that’s what I did. I spent my Valentine’s Day with the absolute love of my life, my kid!

IMG_1841I let him decide what he wanted to do for the day. He said he wanted to go ice skating, then dress up and have sushi and then go play video games. When I woke up in arthritis flare up, I realized we had to make some adjustments to the schedule. LOL! Ahh the joys of autoimmune life! So, I changed the ice skating plan to family movie afternoon fun. I rented Honey I Shrunk The Kids on iTunes on the iPad. Then I hooked the iPad up to the television so we could watch it on the big screen. I decorated the table in some fun festive stuff from Target (Jaxon’s favorite store). I got treats, like hand pies, brownies that I cut into bites & decorated cupcakes from Big Sugar Bakeshop. And I ordered pizza. I also baked a Vegan cheese pizza for him to keep the dairy down…shhh…don’t tell Jax! Because standing up was very hard that day, I used the Horizon Milk singles and the Honest Kids Tea pouches so he could just help himself. If you haven’t tried Honest Kids yet, please do! You know me and my anti-juicebox life, so there must be something to this. Here’s the thing, Jax is going to drink something out of a pouch or box or want a CapriSun type of stuff. So, I’m heading it off by introducing him to Honest Kids. I personally like Honest Tea drinks. They are tasty, low in sugar, antioxidants and are a certified Fair Trade tea. Jax likes the flavor and I know there’s no added sugar, it’s less sugar than the average juice box and it’s certified organic. So yea, I’d give them a try if I were you. I also got the individual popcorn bowls that you pop in the microwave. That way everyone go there own IF they even wanted popcorn. Less work and standing up for me!

Okay, so we watched the movie, ate and laughed our faces off. I actually forgot how cute that movie really┬áis. Love introducing the classics from my childhood to Jax. After that we got dressed and made our IMG_18517:45 reservation at our favorite local sushi spot, Iwata. It was so stinkin’ cute! Jax ordered our sushi (of which he ate the most) and then took my credit card and paid the bill! Then we walked across the street to El Torito to meet my mom and grandma for dessert. Yes, you know my sugar radar was in over drive, buuuut…it was a holiday and a few days before Jax was really having a hard time with some emotional stuff re: his dad living in another state, and all that other stuff that comes with parents breaking up. So, I let the kid live for a few hours! And we sat there for an hour or so and chit chatted with UmMa & GG. Mind you my face was on fire from a sinus infection AND my joints hurt from the arthritis flare up, but I didn’t want to go home yet. I was actually having the best time ever!

IMG_1864Once we said goodbye to them, we headed over to UltraZone to play video games. He likes to go to UltraZone because my friends work there, he knows all the ladies, they remind him how cute he is and they have his favorite games. Half way through, my friend decides that Jax should try lasertag! Now, do you remember when I said we dressed up for dinner? And you know Jaxon’s philosophy! Real moms wear dresses, and high heels and makeup. So of course I was in a dress, high heels and makeup. Lasertag?! I am not playing laser…okay, okay, lasertag! There I was in 4 inch high heel boots (that were already killing me), a stuffy nose, a sore back and a crickety hip chasing down the red and yellow teams, led by Commander HippoMaPotomus in his hat & bowtie! We didn’t get home until 12:30am.