Hippo Is 4!

photoMy sweet little miracle baby, Hippo, turned 4 on Monday. Four years ago on this day I was taking him home and not sure, really what I was suppose to do. The car ride home was long and a little confusing. I was so afraid to go home, yet I couldn’t wait to take him home. I was very excited to be a mom, but I didn’t really feel like a mom yet. I remember looking at him sleeping there in the car and wondering, how he made it…how we made it. The two of us were healthy, happy and alive on our way home. The countdown had started, I had 18 year to get this parenting thing down and send him off to adulthood. In the words of Kevin McCallister, “This is it, don’t get scared now!”

So, here we are four years later and both of us are entirely two different people than the ones who left the hospital that cool fall day. He talks, walks and has plans on visiting Spock in space. And I am more sure of life and less sure about parenting, colon less and stronger. We are here and everything seems to be working out…so far, so good. Anyway, we had a party to celebrate this joyous occassion. I know, people are gonna be like, child that boy has had a party every year since birth! Well, yes. And actually I hadn’t planned on a party last year, but I was so excited about the fact that I was alive to see his third year and we had been through so much, that I went with it. Then this year, I was talked into.

So we had a party. Not really big, but a heck of a lot of fun! This year we did it at Kids Castle in Burbank. I can not say enough about this place! It’s an indoor arcade. Now we all know, I am not a big fan of Chuck E Cheese. It’s usually very compact, crowded and, well, it smells like cheese and sweaty kids. LOL! Let’s just keep it real. This place is very clean, open floor plan & spacious, nice variety of games and the food is pretty good. The pricesJax Bday1 were great and the just a really awesome environment. We got to have a private room for the party which is great. Literally the ONE thing I wish Giggles N’ Hugs had, a private party room. Jax had a ball!! All the kids got play cards and a free ride on the rollercoaster, which I had to get on by the way. On a side note, I have now realized that I am old! EVERYTHING hurt when I got off of that ride! And of course Jax was like, Come on, Mommy, lets go again! HAHAHA! Uh, No kid! They only let you go once in this place! LOL! Yes, I did. I lied. Momma had to save her stomach, head and back for the next day. Sorry kiddo!

Jaxon’s theme was Yo Gabba Gabba Halloween Spooktacular. He wanted everything spooky for Halloween but with Yo Gabba Gabba. At first this was a bit tricky, however, in just a few short days I was able to pull it off. The Dollar Store & Party City to the rescue! I went to the dollar store and bought Halloween themed cups and plates, spooky candy & orange bowls to put them in. I also got plastic skulls and themed napkins. Then I went over to Party City and got Yo Gabba Gabba large napkins, table clothes (Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green and Orange for the characters on the show), spider webs, halloween mini bubbles, Yo Gabba Gabba party crayons and Yo Gabba Gabba Tamborines. I also got the party invitations from Party City that were Yo Gabba Gabba themed. Kids Castle decorated with Orange & Black balloons. I then found Yo Gabba Gabba Halloween treat bags on Ebay, the DJ Lance party glasses & boom box treat boxes online. The only thing that was a little off was Jaxon wanted a Spooky Halloween Yo Gabba Gabba theme decorated cake, that had rainbow cake inside. Who do you turn to for something like that? The Mommy Cake masters from Big Sugar Bakeshop. They made the inside the most delicious rainbow cake with a buttercream frosting that was piped with black spiderwebs on the sides and orange frosted pearls around the edges. They put the Yo Gabba Gabba image from the Halloween episode cover on top between “Happy Birthday Jaxon” in black fondant. AND IT WAS DELICIOUS!!! They also had some chocolate covered pretzels covered in sprinkles in the Yo Gabba Gabba character colors. So amazing! I use them often and Jax LOVES their goodies, so it was nice that they could pull of another amazing cake for another celebration of ours. All in all, Jax had an awesome birthday with his friends and his family. I just feel so blessed watching him grow and change with every month that goes by.

In honor of Jaxon’s bday, I am doing a giveaway. Jaxon LOVES Big Sugar Bakeshop and Halloween. So, we are going to giveaway a Halloween Treat Box ($50 value) from Big Sugar Bakeshop in Studio City. I will pick a winner on Monday October 28th (my brother Jacob’s birthday). In order to enter, retweet this post with #HappyBirthdayJax. You must follow me and Big Sugar Bakeshop on twitter. If you live within 15 miles of Big Sugar, they will deliver it to your door. Otherwise you can pick up your prize. Enter today!!