Last Year In My Twenties

So I just found out that I will be doing my second surgery around my 29th birthday. So I decided I wouldn’t be doing too much since I will likely be sitting in a hospital bed on the actual day. Then I said to myself, “Next year you’ll be thirty, so you’ll party then! New colon and all!”…*insert screeching halt sound effect* 30?! Brooke, you will be how old next year? 30?? Seriously?? How the hell did that happen?! So basically what I’m understanding is that this is the last year I will be in my twenties. Like my twenties are over!! Forever! I will never be 20 something again! Um…wow! I’m not sure what to say. There are so many things I wanna do. So many things I wanted to accomplish by 30 and it just seems to have flown by. You see once I turn 30, it will only be ten more years before I am 40, which means I’m just 20 years from 50. Then it’s only 10 more years after that and I will be 60! And now I have a headache! Maybe I should just concentrate on turning 29.

Thinking about celebrating early with some friends, a little boiling crab, a little champagne and perhaps a Victor Benes Princess Cake (which is my favoritist cake). I mean turning a year older and getting a new colon is something to celebrate! LOL! But I better eat as much as I can because it’s hospital food for a while after that! That’s one thing I just can’t understand. They can charge all kinds of money for a band-aid, but they give you mystery meat for dinner. I’d take the food coming out of a LAUSD elementary school over some of the stuff I’ve eaten in hospitals!

I know I’m rambling, but you have to understand it seriously just hit me like a ton of bricks that when a kid points to me and says, “That’s cause you’re old!”, it will be true! The cartoons I grew up are considered classics. And not in that, oh that’s classic, type of way. No its classic cause it’s old! Oh dear! Well, I can say there are a lot of great things I’ve seen, experience and enjoyed in my twenties. More than most actually and so for that I am truly grateful. And for my life in general. I am truly grateful for my life. Every amazing moment, every low moment as brought me here to this place as a mother and woman. So for that I am truly grateful. This last year in my twenties will be great! Perhaps turning thirty won’t be so bad!