Mommy, who is that man, Dr. King?

Dear Son,

One day you will understand the importance of this day we celebrate MLK. One day you will walk with pride as a free American and make everyday an MLK day. One day you will understand the importance of peace & freedom. The importance of education & perseverance. The need for leadership & true strength. That the voice is mightier than the fist. You will know that in numbers, we will always overcome. You descend from strength! It’s ingrained in you all the way from the shores of the Ivory Coast. One day you will know that someone loved you enough to stand for your freedom before your mother was even born. On this day of realization you will know King and how he was a King among Kings. In his heart was a righteousness that was selfless in action and thought. His motivation was to not be better, but to be equal. Not to suppress or dominate, but uplift and love. He was one man who didn’t believe in himself, but in his community and his God. He believed in the goodness that was lying deep within those that made him an enemy. He saw love where they saw hate. He saw hope when everyone else lived in fear.

One day you will know that you are no better or no worse than the little boy sitting next to based on the color of your skin! You will know that your skin color can not make or break you, but your brain and your soul will push to soar! One day you will know that a woman held on to a lamp-post hosed down by a fire hose so that you could practice your right to walk down the street carefree. One day you will know that there is no excuse to fail, because a path of greatness has been highlighted for you on bloody streets in Watts, Birmingham, Little Rock and Washington DC.

Son, there was a man named Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that walked until the soles on his shoes wore thin to show the world that people of color in America were indeed that, Americans. There was a man named Dr. King that showed the world that your voice is more powerful than any burning cross or shotgun! There was a man named Dr. King that loved his children so much that he gave his life fighting to make sure that one day people would know their names before they knew their race! There was a man name Dr. King that believed in you before UmMa knew there would be a me. Son, there was a man name Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who is waiting to see how great you will be at whatever you decide to do. He doesn’t care if you become a gardener or an ambassador, he just wants you to be great. To love and care for your neighbors and fellow-man, contribute to society and promote the peace you have from within. He expects you to BE. Be Great!

On THIS day, this day of celebration I want you to remember that Harriet Tubman swam so Martin King could march, Martin King marched so Barack Obama could run and Barack Obama ran so You could soar! Go be great, son!