My Toddler Is A Rolling Stone

After days of coughing, hacking, sleepless nights and breathing treatments, Jax’s bronchitis has finally healed!! Praise THE LORD!! So how do we celebrate? By hooking up the iPod to speakers and having what Jaxomous called a Rock & Roll Party! I let him put on his Halloween wig (styled by the one and only two-time Daytime Emmy Nominee, UmMa) and we…well we Rocked out! The fact that my kid loves to do his “Air Gee-tars” to bands like Aerosmith, AC/DC, Lynard Skynard, & Queen makes my heart swell like a large helium balloon!

Don’t you just love moments like that? It’s not the big elaborate planned Disneyland trips, or the family dinners and holidays. It’s the random moments. Those spontaneous moments of magic where life around you stops and it’s just you, your kid and laughter! You can’t create them or plan…they just happen! It’s really the best part of parenting! Savor those moments and let them happen. Don’t get so caught up in the news, emails and bonuses that you miss them! You can’t get them back. A few nights ago it was rock & roll, a few months ago it was a milk & coffee break in costume…I tell ya, it gets no betta! ROCK ON DUDES!