Self Health

Vitatlity HealthI received aGroupon gift from my son’s father for two massages and a posture screening at Vitality Health Center in Venice. I wasn’t really sure what the heck a posture screening was, I was more exciting about the two free massages. Especially after the year I had. So I go in a couple of weeks ago to redeem one of two massagesScreen Shot 2013-02-05 at 12.54.39 PM and the posture screening. I seriously wasn’t interested in the PS, I mean why do I need someone else other than my mother and an old dance teacher that I have horrendous posture. I know this! In fact there are very few people I know with a good posture…so there! But there was something interesting about this. Yes I know my spine is outta wack, but the chiropractor was actually able to show me how and why. What I found was I am actually a little off center…like shifted and not necessarily hunched over like I originally thought. I am literally carrying more of my weight on one side of my body versus the other. CRAZY! And it’s just an app he uses on his iPad mini, but he makes such a huge impact on you when you see it, versus him just telling you what is happening to you. I like this place. They have a lot of other services that I recommend for UC patients. They have IV fusion treatments (you know we get dehydrated easily), great massage therapy, acupuncture & herbal supplements! I know Venice is a little far from Sherman Oaks, but it is worth the drive! If you need a short cut, email me…I’ll share my secret! 🙂 Tell them The Crazy Creole Mommy Sent Ya!