bonzaibaby Photography in What?!

Jet Magazine! HAHA! Oh yea! It’s been a long time since my photography work as been published, I’ve been out of the game for a minute. And even still, the few things that did get published were small independent local stuff like fitness magazines or publications overseas. However, my friend, fitness guru Scott Parker¬†¬†just got his own fitness column in Jet Magazine. Like, the Jet Magazine that sits in the waiting area of your barbershop or hair salon. That same one that sits on your mama and grandmama’s coffee table for years and years. Yes, the same one you found in your brother’s room with the Beauty of the Week ear marked! THAT ONE! And because we shoot a lot of stuff together, he used one of my photographs! Say WHAT?! Hey, so thanks to my buddy Scotty P. of TruResults Fitness, your girl now has one of her photos in a national published historical beloved magazine! As the kids say, I’m in that thang! LOL!

I would suggest to you mommies and you daddies, checking it out weekly to get some tips from Scott! He’s a great trainer and health advocate! Plus he’s just a really really great guy! Tell him, The Crazy Creole Mommy sent u! TruResults is a Crazy Creole Mommy Fav for sure!!

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