This Crazy Mama Is A Happy Mama

imageI guess you can say I have come to completely embrace this whole stay at home mommy thing! I’ve joined the playgroups. I blog about my crazy mommy life. I volunteer for my son’s school activities. I do playdates. And now I’m pushing healthy family products. That’s right, THIS Crazy Creole Mommy is now a Crazy Creole Happy Mama! I am officially the Los Angeles Rep for Happy Family Food Brands. Long before I worked for them I have been a fan and loyal customer. Jaxon’s father and I discovered them at Target one day when we were trying to figure out what healthy baby food we could get for Jax that I didn’t have to prep, but was as close as we could get to homemade. And there it was, Happy Baby Food pouches and snacks. The real reason I fell in love with them is because I discovered in my tasting it for Jax, that it was actually good and edible for me! So during my bad flare ups you could find me and Jax under a blanket on the couch both enjoying our own Happy Family Foods pouches! Both of us got the nutrition we needed and it didn’t taste like something other than what it was. In the words of my boy Willy Wonka, “The strawberries taste like strawberries…the snozberries taste like snozberries!” So when the opportunity came to represent them and introduce them to new families in my native city, I jumped on it! It’s easy work, I can still be at home, I can still blog and photograph AND I get to share valuable information with other mommies and daddies. I also encourage IBD, cancer & AIDS patients to try out their food. Sometimes it’s just a little too hard to make yourself some food or even keep a lot of food down. The Happy Family Squeeze, Happy Morning & Happy Tot Plus pouches are just for people like us! I used to mix mine in with a little coconut milk ice cream for a nice healthy treat or add a little cinnamon & nutmeg for extra flavor on those days I could stand it. Jaxon loves the Happy Tot Plus pouches, The Happy Times Veggie Pals & Sunni Buddies as well as both the Happy Munchies Apple & Carrot Rice Cakes!! His god mother and I both like the Apple Rice Cakes personally.


HappyFamilyCheck them out! I will actually be doing my first event for Happy Family this weekend in Pasadena at the Baby & Kidz Expo on Saturday. Come say hi and get a sample of the goodness! And if you have a mommy group in Los Angeles you’d like me to come bring some samples to, give me a shout! My official Happy Mama Los Angeles Twitter page isn’t up yet, but if you follow my personal page, I’ll let you know when. In the meantime if you have any questions or want my personal opinion on some of my Crazy Creole Mommy Fav Happy Family products, email me: !