Fun Healthy Snack Short Cuts

Even as a stay at home mom there are days when I can’t sit and peel the skin off of grapes or make homemade applesauce whether it’s from unexpected schedule changes or health reasons. But I always felt that just because mommy is a little down for the count doesn’t mean that baby’s healthy eating habits should get thrown out the window. I have found little items that have allowed for short cuts, quick grabs and healthy choices for both baby & parent.

Horizon Organic Dairy produces some of the best dairy products that include milk, yogurt & cheese. I used Horizon before I had a child. Their DHA Omega-3 2% half-gallon was a staple in my fridge since forever. So naturally once Jaxon was off breastmilk & formula we began giving him Horizon’s Organic  Whole Milk Plus DHA Omega-3! Before I had Jaxon, I was a babysitter and was introduced to the Horizon’s Milk Singles for kids or people on the go. I use to babysit a little girl who loved the regular and the strawberry milk. And at that time you could really only find them at Whole Foods and maybe a Ralphs super market in Los Angeles. However, now they are EVERYWHERE! Usually they are on sale 10 for $10 which is a great price. So I look for those sales and stock up! They can be used in the house, not just on the go. Unopened they don’t have to be refrigerated so if suffering from an autoimmune disease that sometimes makes it hard to walk, you can keep them on a shelf that they can reach in the pantry or in the fridge. To that milk you can add their good string cheese or their cheese sticks that come in Colby or  Mozzarella. They also have single serve Yogurt called Tuberz that come in a variety of flavors. The yogurt and cheese are an excellent source of protein that will not cause a mess and the child can eat on the go and serve themselves. Whether eaten in a highchair, on the floor, in the car or in the park, these are great items to share with your babies. When Jax is having problems with his asthma and we  cut back his dairy , we use Silk soy milk. And Silk has single milk boxes that you can use if your child is dairy free. I haven’t seen the Rice Milk singles, but I’ve used the Soy Milk and I’ve seen the Almond Milk.

When I am unable to make applesauce I usually give Jax Mott’s Organic Unsweetened Applesauce or their Mott’s Medley’s Peach Apple Sauce. Now I’m not sure if they still make the Organic Unsweetened Applesauce, which is a shame because everyone in the family loved it. It was organic and had half of the sugar of their regular no sugar added applesauce. The hard part with applesauce or any kind of snack like that is that a huge mess sometimes comes with it. Well I’ve started using The Mott’s Snack & Go which is a vacuum pouch of their original applesauce plain or with a strawberry blend. It’s a nice serving size for your child, with only 8g of sugar. The strawberry blend has about 5% more Vitamin C than the original natural blend.

Annie’s Homegrown Products are great. They have all kinds of things such as salad dressings, snack items, and organic instant items. I love the cheesy bunnies, graham bunnies and fruit snack bunnies for Jax. They have the bunny crackers now in individual snack packs for a grab and go situation. The Cheddar Bunnies also come in an Organic option. I’m not sure if those come in a snack pack, but they are another tasty option! We’ve also tried the Ginger Snaps, the Chocolate & Vanilla, Friends and Honey Graham bunnies. I’m not a big fruit snack girl, but sometimes for a treat I will give some to Jaxon. These vegan snacks with low sugar are great to have around. Another company that makes really great fruit snacks is HappyBaby Foods. We used HappyBaby sometimes when Jax was a baby, but recently at a festival I found out that they have expanded their products for tots, kids & adults. Jax was able to sample their Happy Times Veggie Pals fruit snacks and the Happy Munchies Carrot Rice Cakes. He LOVED both of them! I figure if he’s gonna have a snackie snack, he might as well have one packed with veggies & vitamins. They also have frozen healthy snack/lunch options called HappyBites that can be popped in over or microwave and enjoyed by both.

Okay so those are my picks for this edition of snack options, the Healthy Edition! I think for even some picky little ones you can find a yummy snack that they’ll love out of these options! Try them out and let me know what you think!! Enjoy!!