My Inner 6yo Self Just Did A Back Flip!

Oh who am I kidding my grown 28 year old self just did a back flip and began contemplating a savings plan once I read the  Huffington Post blog about the Hello Kitty Day Spa!! Oh you read right!! There is a Hello Kitty Day Spa opening in Dubai!!! It’s decked out in complete HK chic fashion! They have spa services for both the younger HK fans & the fans who’ve been with HK since the beginning; like ME! LOL! They have Kitty Glam Facials, The Kitty-Cure & Toe Tally Perfect treatments as well as delicious treats from the Kitty Cafe!

Oh my Keroppi! This is really happening!! I think I’m about as excited for this happening as I was when I found out that Sprinkles had a cupcake ATM machine!!! And to all you Hello Kitty haters…*ahem* MOM… don’t hate, participate!! HAHAHA!! I think I need one of those Arrowhead water bottles to start saving my change from the floors of the car & couch cushions. I’m also taking sponsorships & donations!! I’ve always wanted to go to Dubai and be surrounded by Hello Kitty while getting a HK themed facial after eating my HK cupcake…what?!? Don’t you?!